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Quest idea for 031-3:

There is a desperate women named Angela in front of 031-3. She tells, her daughter Cindy has been captured by a Yeti and is somewhere in the cave.

Cindy in the cage is at the same place Santa is/was for the christmas event. When you talk to her, she tells you, there are terrible monsters in the cave, they will come, if you try to open the cage. Now you can choose, if you want to open it. If you do so, something like in Candor happens, but with different monsters. (So it's better to do this with many players!)

The players, who stay alive, progress in the quest, if they have talked to Angela first. Players, who haven't started the quest, are not affected.

After surviving the fight, Angela and Cindy at their current places now only say "Thank you." And you can enter the house at 031-1 at the beach, where Angela and Cindy are now too. (You can't be at two places the same time, so this is no problem - just imagine, they move between their places, while you don't watch). So we need another image for Cindy, without a cage.

Angela offers a daily quest now, which requires something that is dropped by a strong monster in the cave, maybe something from Yetis.