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How GM grants works on rEvolt:

They look similar to TMWA, with a few exceptions listed below:

  • @showgm/@hidegm status are lost on logout
  • uptime, duel requests, time requests and help requests won't be logged
  • New GM Class: Trusted Player (GM 1) and Support (GM 20)
  • Admins can no longer hide their own GM levels
  • [x] Hugo and Linus are logged, but a few others spammy, less relevant commands aren't (like duel-related and help-related ones)

"Support" (GM 20) is inheirted by all staff members. "Trusted Members" (GM 1) can use information commands.

I think the commands are pretty well divided if you look at the raw.

  • Players won't be able to use @whogm, but they get @wgm back.

  • All staff can use @who, jump around maps, broadcast, hide/show NPCs, see player stats and resync players
  • All staff get minimal moderation commands (@kick, @mute and @unmute - but not mutearea)
  • All staff can use autoloot, @monsterignore, open storage, open mail (??), and use special effects ON SELF

  • Developers are able to move NPCs around, heal and revive SELF, reload NPCs (disabling them in a more definitive way if needed)
  • Developers can also reset own items/stats and change own speed.

  • Event Coordinators will be able to spawn clones.
  • EVTC is also capable to delete drops in the ground, and change map PVP/GVG
  • Event Coordinators can also spawn and make NPC talks.
  • [x] Can EVTC bypass item equip restrictions? (eg. equip item with wrong level) I allowed them just in case...

  • Game Masters can adjust everyone's levels, stats, speed, and also hide
  • [x] Game Masters can jail (permanent or temporary), ban, block, unjail, unban (This may be moved to GM 80 if needed?)
  • GMs can delete items, mute area, reset stats of anyone, dropall and storeall of anyone
  • [x] GMs can retrieve account data, to know all alts of someone + email + IP + other personal information!!
  • GMs can also heal/revive all, move players, change PVP on map or players, GVG/CVC control, kill monsters with drops or not, recall players, erase map drops, nuke, enable/disable skills on a map (ie. "no mages rule"), revive a map and make NPC talk.
  • GMs can join any private #channel
  • GMs can also see the player inventory/storage/cart item list.
  • GM 80 (Community Coordinator) inheirts everything Support, Developers, Event Coordianators and Game Masters can do.
  • GM 80 can also create warps, refine, repair, enable Kill-Steal, create items (bound or not), make money
  • GM 80 may also revive a map, recall a whole party/guild/EVERYONE
  • GM 80 can use @doom and @doommap, use effects ON OTHERS, marry and divorce players
  • [x] GM 80 can change OPTIONS from Party and Players (eg. Poison), delete storage items, delete guild storage items, dissolve a guild, or change a guild leader.
  • GM 80 bypass warp restrictions.

  • [x] GM 99 can do everything they could before + bypass equipment restriction (So they don't have to @blvl themselves)