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Since The Great Quake, people have flocked to the once sparsely-populated island continent of Argaes to take advantage of the growing economy and generally utopian weather. This unique island features several distinct biomes, though most of the population lives in the temperate central valley.

Argaes, the island continent

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The Surrounding Sea

Due to the intensity of the surrounding waters, travel to and from the island can only be managed in mid to large sized vessels. While the known pirating port of Yenvar lies on the outer coast, very few risk making berth there. Merchant ships and other honest vessels steer a wide course to the south of the island, ultimately approaching by the more favorable conditions of the Bay.

The Rocky Northern Coast


High Cliffs

Steep cliffs separate the northern sea from central Argaes. Seemingly insurmountable, plateaus and peaks of this range are in fact reachable through miles of networking tunnels and natural caves. An adventurer with extensive knowledge of the corridors (or a good map) can find the summit and a great 360 degree overlook, but an inexperienced wanderer might be lost for days.

Blue Lake

Below the menacing cliffs, a waterfall cascading from high bluffs creates a stunning centerpiece for the mountains. Rhythmic crashing and flowing mists over a clear blue lake make this a popular spot for adventurers to rest and enjoy the natural beauty.

The Central Valley

The high cliffs catch the torrential weather that battles north of the valley, thus establishing a beautifully temperate weather pattern for Central Argaes.

A river flows down into the valley from Blue Lake, passing through mills and providing irrigation to vast farmlands. Major arterial roadways connect the farms and farming village to the island's central hub of Port City (labeled 'Port Town'), the western forest, Something, and the military barricade called Bulwark (labeled 'Trade City').

Port City

Main Article: Port City Once known as the Tritan city of Seratera, Port City is now at the heart of world commerce. Trade vessels wait patiently in the bay for access to the consistently busy port.

Farming Village

Primarily a merchant town to supply the surrounding farmers, the village is also the focal point to prepare harvests for transport to Port City.


Ideas for 'Something'

  • Windmill that takes advantage of access to heavy wind from the north. Perhaps used by a mining camp in the adjacent mountains.
  • Some famous person's windy mansion property


Main Article: Bulwark

The military-controlled town and protective wall of Bulwark close the eastern breach left by the Coastal Ridge Mountains to the north and Mount Orynia to the south, thus completely blockading central Argaes from the 'Southern Wilds'.

The Savanna

Passage between Central Argaes and the Savanna is intensely monitored and heavily restricted by Keshlam's military town of Bulwark. Major features of this grassland and the coastal beaches include: the known pirating port of Yenvar, Telelos Beach Resort, and the various small villages of the people of the Savanna.


Citizens of Central Argaes decry the existence of Port Yenvar, known for pirating and other practices of ill-repute. Merchants and Argaeans alike decry the lack of action against the port. The myriad of wreckage lining the coasts are testament that only very skilled navigators should dare approach the port, as the surrounding waters are very dangerous.

Savanna Villages

The people of the Savanna have very tiny villages of thatch buildings scattered throughout the Savanna. They do not name their villages, except for the names of the families living within each "village". The savage animals that share the savanna do not seem to show their regularly aggressive behavior toward these villages.

Telelos Beach Resort

In stark contrast to the 'Southern Wilds' of the savanna is juxtaposed the elite recreational property of the Telelos Beach Resort. The resort is very well protected by a renowned private company of warrior mercenaries, who also offer a protective convoy for those travelling to or from Bulwark. The resort offers a beautifully sandy beach, the largest inn on the island, and many games and activities.


The uninhabitable desert, the temple, the ruins

Enuli Forest

Only one road ventures into the forest. It loses definition as it rises into the mountains, but, in descending the southern side, becomes a well beaten network of paths that lead to various woodland offerings, including the town of Hurnscald. Much of the forest offerings remain off of maps, as many people and organizations prefer their isolation among the trees.


Once a small woodworking camp, business has boomed with Port City's success, establishing Hurnscald as a self-governed town. The blossoming gateway to the south, Hurnscald's economy no longer relies only on lumber jacking and the far-off logging camp, but on travelers and adventurers seeking their fortunes. The presence of the large and influential Guild adds to the town's attraction and population. Bigger and more powerful than the town's government, the guild tends to have more control over town matters.

The Swamp

While much of the forest is beautiful and serene, a stagnant swamp lies nearer the western coast. The only visitors to the swamp are hunters and adventurers in pursuit of the bizarre and rare creatures that inhabit the area. The swamp is slowly growing; spreading into forest land. The swampy wetness is slowly breaching Hurnscald's Cemetery, which has long since been abandoned to be overtaken by the living dead.

Logging Camps

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Zartam Jungle

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