User:John Pyle/Cemetery Caretaker Quest


  • Location: Cemetery
  • Quest: Take a letter to Airlia in Hurnscald
  • Reward: Depends on Cemetery difficulty, if quest can be repeated

First Interaction


“...Another adventurer come to slay the already dead.”

Player Options:

a)And what are you?
b)Thats right, so move and let me kill that demon behind you.


“I was once the caretaker to these cemetery grounds, but look at what they have become.
I now care only for my wife. I watch over her... make sure that nobody ever does her harm.”


a)You guard her corpse day and night?


“I am bound to this place by the very same spell that was cast to keep the undead from leaving.
Until the day that this cemetery is cured of its curse, I remain within these gates. (close)

Second Interaction


“I am somewhat fortunate that adventurers like yourself frequent this place... despite your intentions.
Perhaps you can do me a favor?”


a)What is the favor?
b)I'm sure I can, for a price.
c)Sorry, I am busy (close)


“I have not seen my daughter since I was cursed to stay in this cemetery 25 years ago.
We communicate now through letters. Would you please take this to her?
I am sure she will compensate you for your trouble.”


a)I will take it to her. (recieve letter/close)
b)I will help you. Where can I find your daughter? (receive letter/next dialog)
c)Sorry, but I am too busy. (close)

Caretaker -- (option b):

“Her name is Airlia. She works at the city hall in Hurnscald. Thank you for your help.” (close)

Caretaker -- (Letter = 1):

Have you found my daughter?


a)Not Yet
b)I'll get there when I get there.
c) Where did you say I could find her?

Caretaker After Quest

Concurrent interaction with the Caretaker can be:

  • Take the letter quest is unlimited (or limited -- once/48hrs?) – Reward from Airlia is meager GP (I prefer this option w/ time sensitive repetition if possible)
  • Banter – Greetings, well wishes, curses for killing undead, etc.

Note: The caretakers wife can be an undead (skeleton in dress, zombie) or an undead NPC. The wife should be obstructed somehow, unable to kill.


  • Location: Hurnscald City Hall
  • Quest: Kill # undead in the Cemetery
  • Prerequisite: received Letter from Caretaker
  • Reward: # experience

If Caretaker Quest Incomplete


“Greetings. Do you need a housing permit, or to license your mount?”

Player Options -- (Letter = 0):

a) Sorry, no.


“Nobody ever does...” (close)

Player Options -- (Letter = 1):

a) I have a letter from your father.
b) My what? (close)

Airlia -- (option b):

“Oh!  Thank you very very much! Please take this for your trouble”
(receive gold / Caretaker quest = complete / close)

If Caretaker Quest Completed


“My poor father, doomed to that awful cemetery.”


a) …


“You know, there are many who believe that each time the undead rise after being killed, they lose mana.
Eventually, there will not be enough mana for them to rise again and they can be at rest.
Do you believe this is true?”


a) I believe so, yes.
b) Maybe....
c) No, that is not proven.

Airlia -- (option c):

“Oh....” (close)

Airlia -- (option a or b):

“When I am not working, I recruit help for the esteemed Fighters of the Undead, or FoU.
They are an official group effort of the Warrior's Guild and Magicians, you know, a very prestigious group.


a) ...
b) I have heard of them
c) Keep up the good work. I have to go now, bye. (close)


“If we drain those evil creatures of their mana, I can get my father back.
He is getting very old. Will you help us?


a) Of course I will
b) Sure, I guess.
c) Thanks, but no thanks. I have other business to attend to. (close)


“Great, just kill any of the undead creatures you can and bring me proof of your work,
and I will put in a word for you with the guild.”


a) I'm on it. (Airlia quest = 1 / close)
b) What sort of proof?


“Lets say # undead-only items. You don't know how much this means to me, thank you.”
( Airlia quest = 1 / close)

If Airlia Quest = 1


“Thank you for helping my father.”


a) You are welcome. (close)
b) I have collected # undead-only items.

Arlia -- (if item >= #):

“Excellent work. You are definitely a great warrior.
I will tell the guild of your deeds (delete item / receive experience (reward) / Airlia quest = 2 / close)

IF item < 15 Arlia -- (if item < #):

“I'm sorry, I didn't realize you couldn't count. Perhaps when I have some free time,
I can help you learn if you'd like.” (close)

From here, Airlia has options.

  • Thats it, Banter – Thanks, Greetings, etc.
  • She can give recurrent gold for x number undead items
  • Airlia quest = 2 unlocks options with Fighters of the Undead NPCs (in Cemetery), such as the 'Kill Sir Truk' quest.
  • Airlia quest = 2 unlocks other options, perhaps with future Warrior Guild prospects (This is long term)