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[10/10/2014] Entered TMW
[16/04/2018] Joined CRC
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Construction-worker.png This page contains some parts to be tested. User info ends here. Use the towel to get back to the home page.

Main resources page

Fancyhat.png First steps in the wild

Generic-openpresentbox.png Amusements Weed-signature.png

Generic-snaketongue.png Communications

Generic-bookpage.png Web resources

Generic-undeadear.png Voice chat

Mumble is not compatible with lazy people. Jitsi-meet is a valid and secure alternative but lacks of positional audio and is not game server related.

Generic-casinocoins.png The Money World

Treasuremap.png Forums trade pages

Equipment-charms-heartofisis.png ManaMarket bot


Backsword.png Game enhancing

A word of caution with enhancements: since they replace in-game resources don't throw away unknown items because those can be rares or newly released items.

Equipment-head-catears.png In game chat command list

(use double dash on single letters)









U or P



Light Yellow




Dark Gray

/me hugs <name>

Hug someone

/me burp

The meal has been appreciated

Equipment-weapon-kidbook.png Quick game reference

  • Read server rules
  • This game is quite hard for lot of players especially at the beginning: learn to get along with other players and team up with them
  • Use this emoticon Emote alt1.png to tell others that you need to be healed
  • Ask before casting #betsanc on people, especially archers. Dispel the cast with #detsanc if needed.
  • Press R if you aren't able to trade and check debug tab when you press it
  • You can't get back item traded so be careful
  • Remember to exchange monster points if you are not asking to learn magic from the swords
  • You miss your friends? Whisper ManaMarket to check the last time they have been online (!lastseen <name>) or send them an offline message (!mail <nick> <message>)

Book-laws.png Quick Manaplus reference

  • Got lost? Open Social Window (SOC button or F11 key) then select "Nav" tab and then your destination. Some destination are hidden to the tab in some maps
  • Want a chat tab to be less or more noisy? Select the desired chat tab then right click on it and select Enable or Disable highlight. Useful to get notifications from General chat with client minimized
  • Minimize Manaplus if you aren't actively playing: it will reduce system load and notify you as inactive
  • Can't switch to other windows in fullscreen mode? Enable video safe mode by pressing "-" on numeric keypad

Emote alt1.png Crazy codes

  • Crazy Code 1, dual rotation: e?mbdudldddrmbdudrdddl
  • Crazy Code 2, single forward step: mf
  • Crazy Code 3, encircling: e?mfmfdlmfmfddmfmfdrmfmfdu

Remote "e?" to now show random emoticon.

Liviobot features

Liviobot is not part of TMW even if he lives in jak1's server. Is still in a development state so stability and continuous operations are not guaranteed.

Liviobot's XCOM chat commands

Syntax (use "!<command>")



Enable XCOM


Disable XCOM

xci <player>

Invite player

Developer resources



That's not the original rumly111 version



Spare notes

Adding a quest:

  • Create a filename with NPC name inside map directory
  • Get a free ID from db/quest_db.conf
  • Add quest debug script inside npc/functions/quest-debug/
  • Register function name inside npc/scripts.conf

Testing a quest:

@npc <npc name> - Teleports to NPC (case sensitive) @reloadnpc <filename[npc/map/npc.txt]> - Reloads NPC script

./map-server returning error on non existent functions

  • Run `` on server-plugin folder

Function aliases:

  • message getcharid(CHAR_ID_ACCOUNT) is the same as dispbottom.

Music functions:

  • changeplayermusic(filename)
  • changemusic(map, filename)