Strategic Advice

  1. This is a multiplayer game, behave like that!
    • You can deal, but don't beg!
      I will soon publish a list of items and prices or look for one to link here.
    • You can talk, but don't annoy!
      No swearwords, no obtrusive behaviour!
    • You can ask, but r.t.f.m!
      I like to answer a question to help someone in the game. But for 20 questions there is a FAQ Chapter in the wiki.
    • Use Teamwork!
  2. This is a international game.
    So the community language is English!
    What you are talking in private areas does not matter, but in quite public places use English please!
  3. Choose the right enemies!
    The best enemies are victims you do not have to fear.
    • Lvl 01-15: maggots, occasional scorpions (while elanore heals you 'til lvl 10 you can also face fire goblins)
    • Lvl 13-28: fluffies, bats, pinkies and squirrels. (you need the pinkie antennas for a quest)
    • Lvl 25-40: green slimes, sea slimes, giant maggots and red scorpions.
    • Lvl 38-50: red slimes, black scorpions, and logheads.
    • Lvl 45-60: flowers, evil mushrooms, snakes, spiders, and yellow slimes.
    • Lvl >= 61: now you shold be able to face all enemies

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Tactical Advice

  1. #itenplz is not the only way to get enemies!
    You will have a lot of enemies using this spell, but can you handle them all?
    Just make one (not missing) attack move against every (futur) victim you want to choose. And move on to the next chosen victim. All your chosen victims will gather around you and you can attack them. (They do the same to you). This way not the spell, but you choose your enemies.
  2. Relax and sit down!
    After exhausting killings, you might have lost lots of healthpoints. So if you are in an area without any automatically attacking monsters, just sit down and relax. During that time you can read the wiki, chat with other people, you can even buy and sell things or talk to NPCs
  3. Build a Slime-Trap
    Just make a cheap dropping out of your items. Slimes will come to the item. Take it befor they take it an attack them! (Pay Attention, there is a server timeout when your item will disappear, so if you want that your trap will stay there you will have to pick it up and drop it again and again.)
  4. Hunt in Groups
    There can be different jobs, the itnplz-guy, the healer or just hunting-teamwork, but.... use teamwork

Commercial Advice

  1. Exorbitant prices are unfair!
    Please keep your price between your unit sales price and the purchase price
    An example:
    You can buy an cactus dring for 50 GP from an NPC and if you sold it to an NPC you would earn 25 GP. Your price for selling it to another Player should be somewhere between 25 and 50 GP otherwise one of you will have a disadvantage from this deal.

    I promised a kind of pricelist... here you are:

Magic Advice

  1. Training is the most important thing!
    You can reach higher magic levels only by training. Only those spells that consume items are to be trained. And: Rotate spells! To train only one spell does not improve your level.
  2. Heal People
    Gratefulness of other players is great and you earn XP within healing.

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Community Advice

  1. TheManaWorld is open source!
    You can read every piece of source, you can make your own suggestions for features, improvements,
    ... If you cannot code, i hope you have learned the ability to write (here in the wiki)