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Quest Overview
Starting Location 005-3 87, 74 Snake Pit
Level 75 (required)
Prerequisites Speed Skill
Redoable no
Reward Assassin Boots, Assassin Gloves, Assassin Pants, Assassin Shirt
Cost 400 Snake Skin's , 95 Red Dyes, 1100 Silk Cocoon's, 1 Black Dye, 4 Black cloths
Quest Developers
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Background Story

  • Nyssa Ghul is a daughter of Ghul the Demon and a menber of the league of Assassins


Lately the mumber of menbers of the league has been increassing . this caused a lack materials Nysaa want your help to find some materials to make Assassin set for his league.

What To Do (level 75):

Notes If you havent got speed skill level 9 Nysaa ignore you.

Well this is my opinion about stuff and the quest. Nysaa want to creat more stuff for her league if you help her she give you part of stuff. Orum can creat Dark patch for 25.000Gp + 10 Spectre Powder's, +10 Wisp Powder's and + 10 Poltergeist Powder's When you give item to Nysaa 10 Grass Snake was summon on you.

  • First part of Nysaa quest located in a cave next to Snake Pit in tulimshar

Requied level 75: cost 3 Black Cotton Gloves, 15 Red Dye's, 50 Snake Skin's. 150 Silk Cocoon's reward: 1 Assassin Gloves ( défence +2 / Agility +1 / Luck-1/ M Attack -25)

  • Second Part requied level 78:

Cost 3 Black Cotton Boots, 20 Red Dye's, 100 Snake Skin's. 250 Silk Cocoon's Reward: 1 Assassin Boots (Defence +1 / Luck -1/ Move Speed +5% / M attack -10)

  • Third Part requied level 84:

Cost: 3 Black Cotton Trousers, 30 Red Dye's, 200 Snake Skin's. 400 Silk Cocoon's Reward: 1 Assassin Pants (Defence +3 / Luck -1/ Agility +2 / Move Speed +5% / M attack -15)

  • Last Part requied level 95:

Cost: 3 Black Tank Top , 50 Red Dye's, 300 Snake Skin's. 550 Silk Cocoon's Reward: 1 Assassin Shirt (Defence +10/ Agility +8 / Luck -3 / Attack Speed +10% / Melee only/ M attack -80 / requied 85 Aglility 40 Dexterity Level 91)

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