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I'm Fernanda, also known as Meistache around the web and Meicchi in-game. Still a new player on TMW (playing since December/2014), but a former scripter and admin for eAthena-based servers, which means I'm a bit familiar to server administration (although I have plenty of things to study and test before collaborating as game developer). I also have music as hobby so maybe I'll compose something for TMW, I believe. By now I'm working as a translator for brazilian portuguese for ManaPlus, TMW and wiki (we have a lot to do here yet).

In-game Characters

Character Role Class Magic Path Guild Party
Puncake Actual Main Mage Light LaMafia Tetas Mágicas (well it means "magical tits" and it's an internal joke, don't mind it)
Meicchi Former Main, Retired Speed Archer Undefined LaMafia -
Fluttersly Bad Joke / gf's leecher Rage Warrior - TiTans -
Starters Shop Newbie artifacts store - - - -

WTH Mei have done?

  • Manaplus translation and revision
  • Manaplus help page translation and revision
  • TMW Client-data translation and revision
  • Wiki translation for Quests and its minors, Skills, Friendly Bots and NPC pages
  • Minor fixes and additions to English wiki
  • A few contributions to development (working on ManaMarket improvement right now)
  • Continuous testing and bug hunting on live server


  • Evol server-data translation
  • TMW server-data translation (coming with TMW-Hercules server)
  • Wiki translation for player stats, all the quests, monsters and items (it's a lot of things)
  • Eating more spinach to become smarter and make other development contributions