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This article is currently only a proposal

The features or design guidelines described in this article are only a proposal made by one or some persons. It has not been evaluated or accepted by the core development team yet. Feel free to add your personal opinion about them or make counter proposals.

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Drafting, will open for a vote in a couple of days

This is a proposed addition to Wiki_Guidelines#Using_the_approval_and_disapproval_template

Technical note: the wiki software is smart enough to handle unescaped ampersands in the copied URL.

Done in this way (leaving the Pro and Contra templates in) means the the proposal is still categorised as "Approved by" or "Opposed by". Will need to discuss that on IRC, but it's probably a good thing.

Editing after voting has started

A proposal may be edited after some people have voted, but the old votes don't apply to the new version.

  • Change the old voting box to use the {{OpinionsPreviousVersion}} template, adding a link to the old version (see example below).
  • Do your editing (can be done at the same time as changing the voting box).
  • If you want to discuss the changes before starting the vote again, wait a while before the next step. During this time it's easily editable if anyone comes up with more suggestions.
  • Create a new, empty, {{Opinions}} box.

To switch templates, change the first line from {{Opinions to {{OpinionsPreviousVersion|url=, followed by the address of the old version. The old URL can be copied from the "Permanent Link" in toolbox on the left of the non-editing version of pages.


Voting on a proposal with an old-vote box

Voters should remove their old vote when adding a new vote; and remove the old-vote box when it becomes empty.

  • Exception: if your vote changes from approve to disapprove, leave the old one visible as well