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Chef Paul

Quest Overview
Starting Location
Level 75 (required)
Prerequisites Baru.Hinnak
Redoable Yes
Quest Developers
Scenario MAF-Saulc
Programming ?
Contributor(s) MAF-Bixcotte
Graphic Artists
Maps MAF-Saulc +?
Tile graphics ?
NPCs ?
Items ?
Sound fx ?
Music ?
Quality Assurance
Testers ?

Background Story

At the north of hurnscald takes place a mill, where live Paul the chief, Polo the novice and the old chief. It's them who make the delicious bread of TMW, but not since few days... The country doesn't receive more bread and people are afraid because they usually find the warm bread one not of they door each morning thanks to the chief Paul. But nobody wants to go to the mill to see what happens there. The character doesn't like strangers in his mill and place is quite dangerous. The inspector who organise the country decide to send a mercenary to go to see what happens and resolve the problem. A reward will be given to the brave adventurer.


What To Do:



Total Cost: