From The Mana World

About me

Hello, I'm Patrick Matthäi, born in Kassel ( Germany ) and now I'm living in Wolfhagen.
I'm 19 years old and I'm working in the computer branche.

My System

OS: GNU/Linux Debian Sid (my lovely Distribution)
CPU: AMD Athlon64 4000+
GFX: AMD Sapphire Radeon X1650 Pro
RAM: Dual 2x512 MB-DDR (PC3200) Ram
Mainboard: MSI K8N Neo4-F
TFT: LG Flatron L1915S
Soundsystem: 21.1

My Accounts

Sourceforge: the-me88
Forum: the-me
IRC: the-me
Ingame Account: the-me
e-Mail: patrick.matthaei (at)

What I'm doing here

I will be the offical maintainer of the debian packages for the tmw homepage and for the packages in debian itself.

To be continued... ;)