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Snowland Fill in

An attempt to build up the area surrounding Nivalis.

Dock Area Quests

Dock workers need simple help around the docks. Travelers tell tales of their travels to the characters, some of which might need assistance.

Nivalis Mayor Quest

Fight undead beneath Nivalis which threaten the citizens of the snowland village.

  • Requirements: Level 40, Completed Forest Bow, Forest Armor, Wooden Shield, Fur Boots and Winter Gloves Quests
  • Step One: Fight Snowland Lesser Undead, the fallen citizens of Nivalis and miners have become undead, created through the powerful earthquake. Collect drops relevant to the quest.
  • Step Two: Open a gateway to the Tomb of the Fallen Sage.
  • Step Three: Fight the Fallen Sage and his Ice Skull Minions. Reward: Key to the City of Nivalis.
  • Step Four: Mayor becomes a daily quest for bringing X number of the drops from the Nivalis Undead for gold and XP.

Trapper Quest

A couple of trapper families rough it in the middle of the snow forests of Kaizei.

  • Requirements: Level 50, Completed Nivalis Mayor Quest
  • Step One: Help the families gather furs to trade so they won't go hungry.
  • Step Two: Snow Bandits have robbed a couple of the children of their furs while they were hunting. They ask the character to help make the Snow Bandits go away.
  • Step Three: While away, the bandits struck again. The mother, staying hidden, followed the bandits and discovered their hideout. Take care of the Snow Bandits there.
  • Step Four: With the Snow Bandits no longer in the area, the trappers are free to collect pelts. They offer daily quests for wolvern and animal pelts.

Illiana the Furrier

The furrier of Nivalis, she opens up when the Trapper Quest is completed. She will offer pelt based clothing products in exchange for furs.

Barbarian Village Refugee Quest

The barbarian village was wiped out by an avalanche. Many of its former inhabitants have set up camps. They need help coordinating.

Artificer Quest

Find and save Thermin refugees following the great quake.

  • Requirements: Level 60 Completed Trapper Quest.
  • Step One: the Artificer's fellow refugees are in trouble. Previously, he had been helping Thermin refugees from the earthquake, but they have stopped all contact and the last messenger that left never returned. Go to the cave they were hiding in and see what happened to them.
  • Step Two: After fighting through undead similar to those beneath Nivalis, the characters discover the way blocked by a powerful spell. Returning to the Artificer will reveal that he believes it to be a powerful dark magic barrier spell. He casts an aura on the characters, who need to possess certain ingredients to pass through the barrier, which are consumed upon passing.
  • Step Three: After passing through the barrier, the characters must fight Fallen Sages raised by the Dark Sage to hold the refugees, which he plans to sacrifice in order to gain dark power. Killing all the Fallen Sages will leave the Dark Sage defenseless and a prisoner of the refugees.
  • Step Four: Artificer rewards characters with opening as a daily quest location.

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