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Wizard's Rest is also known as Tulimshar Inn or Desert City Inn.
Just head south of the Ferry (Koga) and look for Itka.

Residents of Wizard's Rest 1st floor:

Resident Quest What they talk about
Itka none Tells you go inside Wizard's Rest.
Rebecca none She will give some information
Sara none Tells you to talk to Drabur or Riskim
Ontas none Tells you about bread.
Rynoh none Talks about the best cakes.
Iormo none Talks about cakes and messy floor.
Riskim Daily Quest He'll ask you for 6 acorns
Drabur none Shop NPC Sells the best cakes!!


Resident Quest What they talk about
Roulette none How much to bet
BlackJack none minimum 15 Casino Coins to play
Phaet none PvP arena
MoneyChanger none Sells Casino Coins
Slots none Pull the lever...


Resident Quest What they talk about
Bartender none Shop NPC
Troupe Leader none Part of the Robberies In Hurnscald Quest
Valdo none A busy worker

Residents of Wizard's Rest 2nd floor:

Resident Quest What they talk about
Imec Petition
1 time quest
Scorpion Stringers for Daily
Stranger Quest
1 time quest
Repeatable for different towels
Eurni the Surgeon none Surgeon

Residents of Wizard's Rest 3rd floor:

Resident Quest What they talk about
Kylian the Businessman Daily Daily points


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