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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World. If you're interested for the Legacy game, please go to the Legacy portal.

GM commands are given to player having a GM level. You can obtain a GM level if it is necessary, if you are elected Game Master or if you become a Developer.

GM level 40 is a basic level access available to most of the developers. GM level 60 is a broader level of access available to game masters. GM level 80 is a wide level of access available to senior developers when there is particular need. Finally, GM level 99 gives all commands and is only available to people with local access.

Level 40: Developers

  • @broadcast

Broadcast to the whole server.

  • @local_broadcast

Broadcast to the map you are on.

  • @die

Suicide your character.

  • @where

Locate someone on a map, returns your coordinates if the person isn't on.

  • @go

Spawns you to set points in major cities.

  • @goto

Warp yourself to a person.

  • @follow

Follow a player, including warping to him.

  • @kick

Disconnects a user from the server.

  • @who

Returns list of logged in characters with their position.

  • @whogroup

Returns list of logged in characters with their party/guild.

  • @whomap

Returns list of logged in characters with their position in a specifical map.

  • @whomapgroup

Returns list of logged in characters with their party/guild in a specifical map.

  • @whogm

Like @who+@who2+who3, but only for GM.

  • @charstats

Enables you to view other characters stats.

  • @heal

Heals a person to full HP/SP.

  • @hide

Hides you from monsters and most reporting functions.

  • @jump

Enables you to to jump randomly on a map (where you already are).

  • @return

Warps you to your last save point.

  • @warp

Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates.

  • @dye

Changes GM clothes color.

  • @hairstyle

Changes your own hair style.

  • @haircolor

Changes own hair color.

  • @itemreset

Deletes all your items.

  • @save

Sets your spawn/save/home point.

  • @l

Send text to the GM log.

  • @t

Send text to the GM log and local chat.

Level 50: Event Coordinators

  • @invisible

Hides you from players.

  • @visible

Makes you visible again.

  • @spawn

Spawns a monster in a certain amount, they will attack you if aggressive!

  • @summon

Summons a monster in a certain amount, they'll fight for you.

Level 60: Game Masters

  • @exall

Disable all wispers for a player

  • @inall

Enable all wispers for a player.

  • @charstatall

Shows Stats Of All Characters Online

  • @pvpon

Enables PVP on a map.

  • @pvpoff

Turns PVP off on a map.

  • @speed

Sets the speed you can walk/attack at. Default is 150.

  • @killmonster

Kill all monsters in map (with drops).

  • @killmonster2

Kill all monsters in map (without drops).

  • @ipcheck

Check which characters are online from a characters IP address.

  • @storeall

Store all your items.

  • @killable

Allow other players to hit you out of PVP.

  • @skillid

Look up a skill by name.

  • @useskill

Use a skill by ID.

  • @charkillable

Make another character killable.

  • @alive

Resurrects yourself.

  • @blvl

Levels your character to specified level (adds to your level).

  • @jlvl

Raises your job level.

  • @mute

Mute a character.

  • @unmute

Unmute a character.

  • @charblvl

Sets another persons base level.

  • @charchangesex

Changes the sex of an online player (all characters on the account).

  • @chardelitem

Remove items from a character.

  • @charjlvl

Set another persons job level.

  • @charstpoint

Give another character status points.

  • @charskpoint

Gives another character skill points.

  • @charreset

Resets another character's stats.

  • @charstreset

Resets another character's status.

  • @charskreset

Resets another character's skills

  • @charwipe

Resets a character back to when it was first created.

  • @charsave

Saves the respawn point of another character.

  • @kill

Kill another character without hitting them.

  • @killer

Enable hitting a player even when not in PVP.

  • @recall

Warps a character to you.

  • @revive

Revives a character and heals him.

  • @charwarp

Warp another person to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates.

  • @str/@agi/@vit/@int/@dex/@luk

Change status of your character.

  • @allskills

Get all skills.

  • @allstats

Sets GM stats to maximum.

  • @stpoint

Gives you job points.

  • @skpoint

Gives you skill points of desired amount.

  • @block

To block definitively a player.

  • @unblock

To unblock a player.

  • @ban

To ban a player for a limited time.

  • @unban

To unban a player.

  • @jail

To send a specified character in jail.

  • @unjail

To discharge a prisoner.

  • @chardropall

Drop a players possessions on the ground.

  • @charstoreall

Put a players possessions in storage

  • @hugo

Iterate over players forward.

  • @linus

Iterate over players backwards.

People having more than GM level 60 are considered having enough knowledge to find the complete list of GM commands.