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Please read before working with/on this page:

This page is used as an overview of things that need to be done (added, updated, etc.) in this wiki. Please keep it as clean and updated as possible. You can always ask on IRC and/or on our forum if you don't understand something. For bigger changes on important pages, it's recommended that you ask. Also keep in mind that new players read the wiki and often take it as a first impression. Thank you.

Note: Most points in the Player pages section can be edited by everyone, while other pages, like dev pages, usually need more technical know-how.

So please feel free to help!

Wiki Content


  • Mapping out areas, and uploading these in a useable picture format for their specific areas. This includes Hurnscald, Tulimshar, Graveyard, Candor, Asphodel Moor, specific linked caves, and any other named area.
  • Note any missing items, and add them, following the pattern of the other item pages.
  • Highlight any outdated pages, such as map locations, references to changed quests, or even old pictures that no longer match the game.
  • It would be really helpful if somebody can go through the Aidan and Ishi page, and add the correct values to the monsters with a question mark, replacing the question mark with the actual monster points that are given for each kill.


Pertaining to The Mana World.

Player pages
  • Due to changes in game, translations will need a rework. If anyone is skilled in translation (having two or more languages, with one being English), please let someone be aware of what you can do. You can start by looking at THIS link, or contacting one of the wiki admins, or GMs in game. You can also leave a comment on the forums.
  • Adding more screenshots to Magic page
  • Screenshots: Place images in correct year and add images from forum to fill in missing years
  • All pages: add links to the appropriate scripts, and modify gitorious links to their respective github links.
  • Pages made for unreleased items from page references.

Recent Game Updates

There are many new updates to the wiki at present, so instead of mentioning them one by one, here is a brief description. They are not in chronological order. Some are still under construction or repair.

  • Writing/updating/rewriting Tulimshar, Nivalis, Crypt and Hurnscald, and adding other areas.
  • Moving pages to the from "[ [pagename] ]" to "[ [Legacy Pagename|Pagename] ]" (gap put in to show what is happening), so that the page is transferred to the Legacy name, but the document is readable for people.
  • Confirmation that all items have a page.
  • Confirmation that all monsters have a page.
  • Confirmation that all NPCs that are linked to exist and haven't been replaced, and that their coordinates are correct.
  • Pictures are up-to-date.

Dev pages

Wiki Admin pages

  • Help with Manaplus Wiki
  • All the client-data xmls should be using Manaplus standards
  • Document missing or vague xml settings based on most recent TMW Client-data
  • PM 4144 in IRC or on the Forums for an account

Pages with frequent updates

Some pages need to be checked frequently if they are up to date, mostly because members listed in them change or pages in their category get added or deleted frequently:

Wiki Improvement

Extensions suggested