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Development for The Mana World is divided up into several interacting areas: Content, Graphics, Web, Music&SFX and Client development. Development is done on IRC, and on the forums. The development channel is #themanaworld-dev on Libera Chat. Tmw logo.png

Armor-head-Magicgmtophat.png How-to Develop

Forum • Chat: #themanaworld-dev

Contains a listing of what to read to get started and who/what is actively being worked on.

Use-potion-darkgreendye.png Graphics

Forum • Chat: #themanaworld-dev

Graphics determine what the world looks like. This includes the tiles that maps are made of, the sprites that beings (players, NPCs, monsters, etc) are made of, and other visual things.

Generic-paperscroll.png Client-data

ForumClient data bug trackerMusic Issues • Chat: #themanaworld-dev

The client-data contains all the sounds, effects, music, npcs, mobs and maps needed to draw what the server says the player should see.

Charm-grimoire.png Web Development

ForumWebsite Src • Chat: #themanaworld-dev

Contains information regarding the set-up of the main websites; www, wiki, forums & web based tools such as Manavis or ManaMarket Stats. Also includes TMW related branding information for sharing, social and marketing purposes.

Generic-iten.png Server-data

ForumClassic Bug tracker • Chat: #themanaworld-dev

Server data includes the underlying mechanics of the world. This includes the technical definition of monsters and items, the code behind NPCs, and the like.

Generic-ingot.png Server Development

ForumBug tracker • Chat: #themanaworld-dev

This is currently outdated. A new section will be created soon.

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