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This file describes the NPC IDs recognized by the client. Note that only client versions 0.0.25 and above use this file.


NPC DBs are in XML format.


This is the root element of the file.


An individual NPC description. npcs have id, which are the view ID sent by the server. Note that client versions prior to 0.0.28 can only use NPCs in the range 100-199. Version 0.0.28 and above can use NPCs in the range 50-1001. TMWServ client can use any ID? npc elements contain sprite and particle tags to describe how the NPC should look.


A sprite to use when displaying the NPC. Multiple sprites are layered in the order they are put. sprites have variants and content. variant says which sprite variant to use from the given file. The tag's contents describe the sprite definition to use.


A particle effect to use when displaying the NPC. particlefx tags only have content, which describes the particle definition to use.


    <npc id="100"><sprite variant="0">npc.xml</sprite></npc>
    <npc id="101"><sprite variant="1">npc.xml</sprite><particlefx>graphics/particles/some_particle.xml</particlefx></npc>

Content XML files


effects.xml | emotes.xml | hair.xml | items.xml | monsters.xml | maps.xml | npcs.xml | runes.xml | skills.xml | status-effects.xml


Particle XML files | Animation XML files | GUI window skin XML files