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- '''[ Game Account Registration]''' -
- '''[ Game Account Registration]''' -
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ManaPlus self-fork


ManaPlus is a sister project of The Mana World and the default game client.

In order to play TMW you need to register a game account and download, install and run ManaPlus.

We supply a self-fork optimized for playing The Mana World, however, you should still be able to download the original client as well.

- Download self-fork ManaPlus -

- Game Account Registration -

If you cannot or do not want to use our fork, you can

- Download the Original ManaPlus -


Note: If you have problems while registrating or troubles to get our Manaplus fork running please contact us. Please bear in mind that we do not provide support for the non-forked version; Contact ManaPlus Developers if you need support with it.