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ManaPlus client


ManaPlus is a sister project of The Mana World and the official game client.

In order to play TMW you need to register a game account and download, install and run ManaPlus.

- Download ManaPlus -

- Game Account Registration -

Note: If you have problems while registrating or troubles to get Manaplus running please contact us by posting in our Forum or contact us live on IRC (chat). Please be patient, we will help you as soon as possible!

The Manaplus packages

The Mana World packages are available for many platforms. These are based on the ManaPlus client, but have a different default skin and will show up as "Manaplus" in the application menu.


We no longer recommend music be installed directly, as it easily becomes out-of-date. To enable music in the client, make sure that "Download Music" is checked in the Audio tab of the Setup window.

Development versions

The latest version of the ManaPlus client is developed as part of the ManaPlus project and is available from the Git repositories on GitHub. For checking out the latest development version of the client you can use the command:

git clone git://

For more instructions and information about other projects like the server and the dynamic data, please check our Git wiki page.