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Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.
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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Legacy Hurnscald
Level 20 recommended
Prerequisites Talk to Jack
Redoable No, only once
Reward 1 Forest Bow (+70 Damage)
Cost About 20 Raw Logs, 10,000 GP

What To Do:

  1. Go to the bow shop, which is the first shop north of the Legacy Soul Menhir in Hurnscald.
  2. Talk with the Bow Master, Alan to see if he can make you a Forest Bow.
  3. Go talk with Jack the Lumberjack (he is just across the road from the tree at the front of the house there), after running back and forth a while between them you'll find out that you have to supply the wood, and pay a fee of 10,000 GP.
  4. The tricky part is finding a Raw Log that is good enough. Before you pay, the Bow Master will test out your log to see if it is strong enough. Whether or not a log breaks is random.

The chance of a Raw Log not breaking is 1 in 20, so in avarage you will need 20 Raw Logs. This means it can be less than 20 if you are lucky, but it can also be more or even far more if you're not lucky. This makes this quest sometimes harder than it looks like, but even though Log Heads are easy to kill and therefore the recommended level for this quest is just 20, the reward, the Forest Bow, is currently the best bow in the game until level 90.


  • You can find Log Heads in the southwest Woodlands as well as the woods north of Hurnscald.
  • Do not sell remaining Raw Logs, as they can be useful for you for Legacy Wooden Shield Quest or for transmutation magic.
  • You can also buy the Forest Bow at the Shop Legacy NPCs Blacksmith in Legacy Dimond's Cove for 20,000 GP, but note that this won't mark the quest as done and therefore you can't start the Legacy Wooden Shield Quest.
  • Each time the Raw Log breaks, you receive 15 EXP as compensation.

Raw Logs are dropped by:

  • Log Heads (20%)


  • 1 Forest Bow (+70 Damage)

Total Cost:

  • About 20 Raw Logs
  • 10,000 GP