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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Legacy server. If you are looking for information for the non-legacy game, go here... The Mana World.
Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.
See also the Legacy Portal

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Quest Overview
NPCAvalia.png NPCOrumsHomunculus.png
Starting Location They are both in Legacy Nivalis:
* Eljas at 030-2(87-41)
* Orum's Homunculus at 030-3(100-50)
Level - no level required
- 30 to do the daily quest of this quest
- 70 to start the hard mode
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, but you will only receive the rewards once per year.


This quest is pretty long and consists of many different stages which differ depending on the path you take.

However, for each path (Nice and Evil) will have a fight in the chamber room.
There are two level of difficulties: easy and hard.

To start head southwest of the Soul Menhir in Nivalis, there is a house where the door is flanked by candy canes, this is the Christmas Inn. Enter.

Helping the Christmas Spirit

  • Christmas Helpers are busy trying to make sure every child will have an enjoyable Christmas. Take note of Avalia; she is the "leader" and will play an important part in the Nice Path.
  • Here is a list of helpers and what they need. However, remember that if you help them you are on the Nice Path and won't be able to change.

- Vellamo is needed to be spoken to for both paths; he opens up the possibility of Ismo's daily quest.
- Ismo runs the daily quest; he requires a minimum of 3 Candies.
- Verneri needs 10 Acorns and 1 Iron Potion to make roasted acorns.
- Urmas needs 2 Raw Logs to make one Open Present Box.
- Reino needs 2 Reed Bundles, 1 Bottle of Water and a Dye to make Wrapping Paper.
- Jonathan needs 5 Purple/Blue/Green/Yellow/White Present Boxes (you can give more (min. 5)).
- Mo, Lorrie and Curlee needs Open Present Box and Wrapping Paper to wrap One Colored Present Box.
- Osmo needs 10 White Furs.
- Veneri needs 5 Ruby Powders and 5 Topaz Powders.

Nice path walkthrough


  • Start the quest by talking with Eljas at the Christmas Inn. Ask him if he needs any help and he'll tell you that they have lost the wishlist containing the names of the children - it is your task to locate the children and rewrite the list.
  • All the children apart from 2 are located in Candor and all take part in Ayasha's Hide and Seek Quest.
  • You'll find the last two in Hurnscald and Tulimshar (Rossy and Kadiya).
  • Children are as follows:
- Kadiya (Tulimshar; head south when you leave the ferry, first house after the warp)
- Charda (Candor)
- Latif (Candor)
- Faris (Candor)
- Ghada (Candor)
- Rasin (Candor)
- Ayasha (Candor)
- Rossy (Hurnscald; head south from Soul Menhir - take a left at the end of the path. Follow the path until you get to Dimond's Cove, from the head south and left past Gwendolyn. Cross the bridge and follow the path south - you should see Rossy surrounded by some trees.)
  • After finishing the list, return to Eljas. This is the crucial part; you can either choose the Naughty or the Nice Path by giving either original list or fake list.


  • Talk again to Eljas who will direct you to Warrick; talk to him and he will in turn direct you to Avalia; talk to her then return to Warrick once again.


  • Now, you must give a hand to all the helpers:
- Help Urmas make one box (2 Raw Log).
- Talk to Livo.
- Help Reina make wrapping paper (2 Blue Dyes: plain and simple; 2 Ash: classical; 2 Yellow Dyes: brings good vibes - the best dye is Purple).
- Talk to Rikhard.
- Osmo needs 10 White Furs.
- Talk to Oswal.
- Veneri needs 5 Topaz and 5 Ruby Powders.
- Talk to Taito.
- Talk to Askeli.
- Mo, Lorrie, Curlee make one Present with the materials you made previously.
- Jonathan needs 10 Purple Presents or 5 Yellow Presents (you can give more (min 5 Yellow, 10 Purple)).
- Verneri needs 10 Acorns and 1 Iron Potion to make roasted acorns.
- Talk to Aaron.
- Speak to Vellamo before Ismo.
- Ismo operates as a daily quest - he requires a minimum of 3 Candies but it is recommended to exhaust yourself. Remember, you must be level 30 to do this part.

Notes: You need to be level 30 to do Ismo's daily quest, if you are lower than level 30 you can skip this part, however you will not get the best reward.


  • Talk to Warrick again.

  • Go to Avalia, give her the required items for the Mana Battery.

  • Follow her instructions - go the chamber room and start the fight - you will need help.

Notes: Ask other players - who have either completed or are at the same stage of the quest as you - to help. Remember, if they haven't completed or reach the this stage they will not be allowed entrance to the room.


  • The fight will start in easy mode.
  • The end of the fight will be indicated when the message, "Wow, what happened here?" is displayed (either in General or debug tab).

6. (optional)

  • The hard mode is a subquest which means it is not required but is recommended to do for the best rewards. To start the hard mode you must be level 70 and have 15 Iron Potions. The hard mode is obviously harder; in addition to monsters from the easy mode, Ice Skulls will also spawn. They are hard to hit and can do a lot of damage so it is recommended to have a mage and tank present.

  • You don't have to be level 70 to participate in the fight; just level 70 to start.

  • Paths don't really matter in the chamber; i.e. you can fight in the Evil Path fight while you're on the Nice Path but there is a "hidden" mechanic that you might want to be aware of present though not active (more info in notes).

  • Hard mode is repeatable and is recommended to participate in as many as you can as this increases your likelihood of getting the best reward possible.


  • Referring to the mechanic mentioned before - it is called "Karma" and it is affected depending on what fights you complete: i.e. completing the Nice Path fight you gain Karma while completing the Evil Path fight you lose Karma. Now this has no KNOWN effect at the present moment but it maybe worth knowing.

  • For the best reward, complete hard mode preferably many times, talk to all the helpers (even if they don't need anything) and give Jonathan more than one set of present boxes.

Total Items for the Nice Path:

  • Helpers:
5 Ruby Powders, 5 Topaz Powders, 10 White Furs, 2 Reed Bundles, 2x (Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Purple Dyes, or Piles of Ash), 2 Raw Logs, 10 Acorns, 1 Iron Potion, 1 Bottle of Water and 2 Candies.
  • Mana Battery:
1 Shock Sweet, 4 Empty Bottles and 10 Emerald Powders.

Helping Evil

It's time for revenge, not for happiness!


Head south from the Christmas Inn until you enter the Snow Field. Head south east and just before the warp to the Snow Path there will be a little mountain, enter from the north side. When in the Snow Cave take the right then left fork and you should enter the Frozen Lake. Head towards the North East to find Orum's Homunculus. He will give you the fake list and also show you the secret entrance into the Christmas Inn, which is on the west side of the Frozen Lake. By hitting the Small Crack with an empty fist (wear gloves to avoid damage) you will open up the secret entrance.

Now it is time to "help" the helpers.

The poor Helpers are:

- Vellamo will open the daily quest part if you talk to him.
- Ismo: Daily quest - minimum 3 apples (naughty path).
- Verneri: don't help him
- Urmas: don't help him
- Reino: don't help him
- Jonathan: dont help him
- Mo, Lorrie and Curlee: don't help them
- Osmo: 10 Cotton Cloths (naughty path)
- Veneri: 5 Red Powders and 5 Yellow Powders (naughty path)

Naughty Path Walkthrough


  • Talk to Orum's Homunculus first. (consult directions) He will send you to collect the good list for him.



  • Talk to Eljas first (both ways you must collect the good list first, and then hand in the fake list).

  • Their names: Kadiya, Charda, Latif, Faris, Ghada, Rasin, Ayasha, Rossy.

Notes: If you have given the fake list to Eljas without talking to Orum's Homunculus - you must go to Orum's Homunculus as you won't be able to enter the inn any longer.


  • Be sure to talk to every child, go back to the cave and talk to Orum with the good list completed.

  • Go to Eljas and give him the fake list, go back to inform Orum's Homunculus that you have succeeded.


  • Now you have to make things getting worse for the Santa's helpers:

  • To get in the Santa Inn, head to northwest corner where you will find small crack. Unequip your weapon and shield (equip gloves to avoid damage) and then choose "Hit it with my strong fist."

  • Vellamo is required to be spoken to before Ismo.

- Give Ismo Apples (recommended to exhaust yourself).

- Give Osmo Cotton Cloths.

- Give Verneri the fake Powders.

- Don't talk to the other helpers.

Important: Ismo functions as a daily quest - so you need to be level 30. Also, to be sure to get the best reward make sure this is your first time doing your daily quest today, as it is recommended to exhaust yourself.

- You can skip this part of the quest if your level is less than 30, but you will not get the best reward.


  • Go back to Orum, tell him that "it's a mess".

  • He will then ask for the items for the Manabattery

  • Go to the Chamber room to fight.

Hints: Ask for help from other players who have already completed the quest.

- Remember if they, 1) haven't reached this stage in the quest OR 2) completed the quest - they will not be able to enter the chamber.


  • You will start the fight in easy mode.

At the end of the fight you will receive the message:

'"Wow, what happened here?"' (see in general or debug tab)


- Level 70 is required to start the Hard mode or to reload the fight, but if you are less than level 70 you can still participate.
- Hard Mode are when Ice Skulls spawn - don't panic.


- When you finish the fight in hard mode after the easy mode you will not receive a message. However, if someone else has started the hard mode (regardless of whether it is your path or not) and you are in the room, and if you have not done the easy mode and you survive, you will receive the message you get when completing easy mode.


The quest is now finished, go back to Orum's Homunculus to receive your first reward.

Costs for the Naughty Path:

- Helpers: 10 Cotton Cloths, 3 Red Apples (minimum), 5 Red Dyes, 5 Yellow Dyes, 10 Pile of Ash.

- Mana Battery: 1 Dark Crystal, 4 Iron Potions and 10 Emerald Powders.

Chamber Room

Some explanation about this part of the quest are needed.
Even if you don't want to do the quest but only give a hand to the fighters, you will need to do the quest in a path or another to enter in the chamber room.

After creating Mana Battery go to warehouse and talk to AniManOMat to try to install it, but before that you may want to gather a group first.
This is the place where you must defeat Nutcrackers, Copper Slimes and other monsters depending on path and difficulty choosen by quest starter. For details about monsters spawned see table bellow.

Name Path Difficulty
Ice Skull All Hard
Nutcracker All All
Candied Slime Nice All
Angry Slime Nice Easy
Wicked Mushroom Naughty All
Bluepar Naughty Easy
Copper Slime All All

Easy mode

There are ten rounds, each lasting for no more then 2 minutes so hurry up. If you don't clear area in 6 min on the last round large amount of Nutcrackers will spawn that are meant to clear players from that area.
You cannot reload the fight in easy mode.
Try to do the hard mode if you have a team, the level and the items.

When you finish chamber room in easy mode you can talk to Avalia/Orum's Homunculus to get experience or lucky level up. You are now ready to take presents under one of the Christmas tree located in every city.

Hard mode

The hard mode is a subquest. So to get the rewards no need to do it.
To get more rewards, its better to do it.

After you finish on easy mode you will find out that AniManOMat is empty again, so you can now restart the quest in hard mode with "Wait let me check if I can fix this...". For that you will need, the level 70 and 15 Iron Potions on Nice path or 10 Dark Cristals on Naughty path (this part is repeatable).

There are ten rounds, each lasting for no more then 2 minutes so hurry up. If you don't clear area in 6 min on the last round large amount of Nutcrackers will spawn that are meant to clear players from that area.

Note : Get three rewards is what hard mode afford. It is not based on the path you have chosen. But hard mode allows you to fight on your own path.

When you finish chamber room in hard mode, and if you don't still talked to Avalia/Orum's Homunculus, go to get experience or lucky level up. You are now ready to take presents under one of the Christmas tree located in every city.


There are two pack of rewards, find below more explanations about.

First Rewards Pack

  • Avalia : if you have done the nice path, go to see her after you succeed in your fight, she will say : "Thank you for your help, receive this as token of my gratitude".
  • Orum's Homunculus : if you have done the naughty path, go to see him after you succeed in your fight, he will say : "Revenge is a dish best served cold".

To receive experience points talk to Avalia/Orum's Homunculus after you win the easy mode, or after you win the hard mode. Of course if you have done the maximum of nice or evil actions during the quest, depending on the path that you have chosen, you will receive experience based about what you have done or not in your path : Nice or Naughty.

- Calculated EXP * 7 (for every wish list gathered)
- Calculated EXP for wish lists deliver, bedding and glitter
- Calculated EXP for finishing with helpers and creating mana battery
- Random boss points (if LVL 99) or Random EXP or a base level raise up for finishing in hard mode. "Calculated EXP" is calculated by formula ((LVL / 10) * (4 * LVL))

Hint :

  • Talking to the Avalia/Orum's Homunculus after the hard mode is the best choice to receive maximum experience.
  • To be sure to get the base level raise, finish several times the hard mode before talking to Avalia/Orum's Homunculus.

Second Rewards Pack

The Christmas tree will give you the second rewards pack.
The rewards can be taken from only one and any one of the 3 Christmas trees
There is one in each city (Tulimshar - Hurnscald - Nivalis).
(atm we wait until 25 dec to get them, the quest was online the 11 dec)

  • 1 rare reward : Funky Christmas Sweater (nice path) or Dark Christmas Sweater (naughty path)
  • 2 uncommon items from following list : Nutcracker Hat, Amber Christmas Sweater, Red Stockings, Pink Christmas Sweater, Blue Christmas Sweater

Explanation :

  • You talk to the Christmas Tree after you won the hard mode and you satisfied properly the spirit that you served, you will receive :

1 rare + 2 uncommon rewards

  • You talk to the Christmas Tree after you won the hard mode, the spirit that you served wasn't satisfied about your actions during your quest, you will receive :

3 uncommon rewards

  • You talk to the Christmas Tree after you won the easy mode, you will receive :

2 uncommon rewards

Note : After taking from one tree, rewards can't be taken again from any tree. Which city tree doesn't matter as the uncommon rewards are given at random with equal probabilities for all the uncommon equipments.

Total Items :

  • for nice path :

1 water
1 Shock Sweet,
2 Reed Bundles,
2x dye (Yellow, Green, LightBlue, Purple) or items to make dyes(2xPiles of ashs),
2 Raw logs,
3 candies minimum,
4 Empty Bottles,
5 Ruby Powders,
5 Topaz Powders,
10 White Furs,
10 Emerald Powders,
10 Acorns,
1 Iron Potion.

  • for naughty path :

1 Dark Crystal,
3 red apples minimum,
4 Iron Potions,
5 Red Dyes,
5 Yellow Dyes,
10 pile of ash,
10 Cotton Clothes,
10 Emerald Powders.