Legacy Crypt Third Boss Quest

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 027-8
Level NA
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward 75 Boss Points
75 Daily Points
Cost 5 Souls
5 Rotten Rags
3 Undead Eyes
2 Undead Ears

In the Crypt Third Boss Quest, General Terogan is the third out of three monsters fought in the "Boss Quests".

What To Do:

  1. Enter crypt Sub-Basement Level 3. There's a room at the South. Enter the room.
  2. Go to the book and perform the ritual. To perform the ritual you need at least one occupant in both rooms.
  3. Defeat General Terogan and all the monsters spawned.
  • Note The quest has timer. If you don't finish in time more monsters will spawn.


  • You need at least four 90+ warriors to do this quest.
  • The quest is good for grinding experience and to earn Boss Points and Daily Points.


Total Cost: