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La Johanne can be found at [[Moubautaur Legends Candor Island]] port or at [[Moubautaur Legends Tulimshar Island]]
La Johanne can be found at [[Moubautaur Legends/Candor Island]] port or at [[Moubautaur Legends Tulimshar Island]]


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La Johanne can be found at Moubautaur Legends/Candor Island port or at Moubautaur Legends Tulimshar Island



This ship realise importants resources transactions between this two towns



What to do there




Buy and Trade

Take Care of Yourself



Have Fun


What Locals have to say

Ekinu the Town Guard:

"[...] disaster'? Weren't you there? That huge huge volcano ex...rusion... whatever they call it, and the earthquake!
Half the town was reduced to rubble! Somehow, no-one was seriously injured though, so I guess we were lucky...
Well, the mayor rebuilt everything quickly, but I have no idea where he got the GP from...