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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World rEvolt. If you're interested for the Legacy game, please go to the Legacy portal.

This page contains quests for the test server. Quests for Legacy TMW server (the actual running on can be found here:

This article is for reference purpose

The features described in this article are already implemented in the game. The article should describe how a certain aspect of the game currently works. You may of course edit this article to improve the description of the circumstances. Your opinions or improvement suggestions about the described aspects themself are of course appreciated, too. But please put these on the discussion page of this article to keep facts and fiction separated.

Quests are tasks usually given by NPCs. They can include simple missions like collecting items or talking to several NPCs, but also more complicated things like solving puzzles or winning a boss fight. Some Quests have requirements like having completed another Quest before or being at a certain level or above, some have costs like items or money. Every Quest will reward you with something. The rewards can be EXP, money, items, equipment, Daily Points, Boss Points, Skills, Magic Spells or something else. Note that EXP rewards will grant the total amount, meaning they don't get cut off when reaching a new level so you can also raise more than a single level while completing a Quest. In the Quest tables there's a level line telling you either the required level to do this Quest or that this level is just recommended.

Some Quests are special: Daily Quests can be done several times each day, Annual Quests can only be done in a certain time of the year. Other Quests are different from the others but still considered as Quests: Skills, Malivox, and others.

Note: For Magic Quests, Daily Quests and Annual Quests please see their own pages. They are not included, or only partially included as they are not "real" Quests or they have a questline on their own (Magic Quests).

The first list below gives a short overview of all existing Quests in The Mana World while the ones below, sorted by level, give you more details like the requirements or rewards and costs. This way you don't have to click through all Quests to search for those details.

New Quests

Quest Starting Location Level Redoable Prerequisites
Warm Smelly Clothes La Johanne 1 No None
Abide by the Rules La Johanne 1 No None

Overview of all Quests

This page is intended to give a quick overview of all Quests and quest-like tasks available in The Mana World. For a more detailled overview including costs, rewards, prerequisites and such, more information will be added shortly.

The column "Useful Quests" mainly shows the above mentioned quest-like tasks, such as the shop-like Quests.

Crafting Quests

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Useful Quests

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Daily Quests

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Annual Quests

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Note: The concept of the features described here are still under construction. The information for this wiki will be for the server in the very near future, so expect changes. The link to the legacy server has the older wiki on it. Therefore, this wiki may seem incomplete or confusing for a little while. Please be patient, and look forward to the great changes!