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==Server Forks of The Mana World Project==
==Server Forks of The Mana World Project==
=== Evol servers for Manaplus clients ===
=== Manaserv ===
Evol server is a new Athena based server developed by a team leaded by [[User:4144|4144]].
==== Evolonline ====
Manaserv does not run on Manaplus, but instead uses its own client. You can connect to these servers with the [https://github.com/mana/mana Mana Client]. Note that [https://github.com/mana/manaserv Manaserv] is still in development.
A completely new world (Beta version). You can Play Evol only with manaplus (Host is predefined).
* Hostname:  world.evolonline.org
* Port: 6901 TCP
* Administration: [[User:4144|4144]], Alige, Hal9000, Reid
* Language: English in public
* Chat: #evolonline on irc.freenode.org (http://www.evolonline.org/irc)
* Website: [http://www.evolonline.org http://www.evolonline.org]
* Wiki: [http://wiki.evolonline.org http://wiki.evolonline.org]
* Forums: [http://forums.evolonline.org http://forums.evolonline.org]
* BugTracker: [http://bugs.evolonline.org http://bugs.evolonline.org]
* Git: [https://gitlab.com/groups/evol/ https://gitlab.com/groups/evol/]
=== Manaserv (these servers have their own client) ===
You can connect to these servers with the [https://github.com/mana/mana Mana Client]. Note that [https://github.com/mana/manaserv Manaserv] is still in development.
==== Source of Tales ====
==== Source of Tales ====

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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World. If you're interested for the Legacy game, please go to the Legacy portal.

This article is for reference purpose

The features described in this article are already implemented in the game. The article should describe how a certain aspect of the game currently works. You may of course edit this article to improve the description of the circumstances. Your opinions or improvement suggestions about the described aspects themself are of course appreciated, too. But please put these on the discussion page of this article to keep facts and fiction separated.

When you set up your own TMW server and want it to be open for public playing feel free to add it here. To create your own server read Setting up a server. All servers/projects on this page work with the official client. Servers/Projects listed on forks are incompatible with the official TMW client, though they are based on it.

TmwAthena servers for Manaplus clients

These servers run on TMWA. You can connect to them with the official client from the download page.

Security Warning: Do not use the same username and password on two different servers. The server admins can read all of them in clear text and nothing stops them from trying them on other servers. It happened a lot in the past that users of the official server got "hacked" because they ignored this important precaution.

Official server

The official public server of The Mana World project.

GermanTMW / Deutsches TMW

A server with partially different and new content. All NPC's speak German.

  • Hostname: germantmw.de
  • Port: 6901 TCP
  • Administration: jak1 , Calimero , GoNzO
  • Language: German and English in public places and in presence of authorities (every language private)
  • IRC: irc.freenode.net #germantmw OR #2bs
  • Jabber-Room: gtmw@conference.jabber.org (Active)
  • Website: http://germantmw.de

Land of Fire

A TMW clone with added or modified maps, quests, items, and mobs. Base TMW content is fairly old but the server is up-to-date now.

The Mana World Brasil

A server with new content. NPCs speak Portuguese.

  • Hostname: tmw-br.scall.org
  • Port: 6901 TCP
  • Administration: Scall
  • Language: Portuguese advised if one can speak it, but no language restriction (in public as well)
  • Chat: #tmw-br on irc.oftc.net
  • Website: tmw-br.scall.org

Server Forks of The Mana World Project


Manaserv does not run on Manaplus, but instead uses its own client. You can connect to these servers with the Mana Client. Note that Manaserv is still in development.

Source of Tales

This game initially started as an entry for the Liberated Pixel Cup 2012 (See http://lpc.opengameart.org). Back then it was called 'Lurking Patrol Comrades' and it is a massive multiplayer online roleplay game. This game has original content, but currently requires a special version of the client.