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The Mana World is a project that tries to create a fully free and open source MMORPG game with the looks of "old-fashioned" 2D RPG games such as those released for the SNES / Super Famicon in the early 90's. Not only the game itself but the time you play should be free as well.

The Mana World aims to be a unique place for people to interact not only by fighting each other but to play life, form a community within the community or just simply chat. Important here is even though the game is neverending and a linear story cannot be applied it should have enough background to describe and predefine tribes, kingdoms and environment overall. Fullfilled quest should lead to certain events depending on it being solved. Quests of course should encourage people to team up with others and teamwork. Loners will not have it that easy.

Additionally, the developers care about cross compilable source code and efficient resource management in order to make the game playable on as many platforms and operating systems as possible. Lowend hardware from x86 PII on or G3 PPCs should be considered as required.