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Welcome to The Mana World! We are a free 2D open source MMORPG. We currently support multiple servers and multiple clients. Not every server is the same! To start playing you need to create a game account. This can be done directly on the Game Client, which you need to install in order to play any mana world. Of course you can also help us develop the game. If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ, ask on IRC or on our Forums. Enjoy!

TMW Classic


The Mana World Classic is the main and oldest server from The Mana World. After a disaster called "Great Quake", monsters seem to of come out of every shadowy corner and petty dieties has begun to make presence in dark places. Tulimshar's council has made the call, and you are just one of the many people that will battle the forces of evil, sending them back to the depths they came from.

TMW rEvolt


The spiritual successor for The Mana World: Classic, you are found in a raft, in the middle of the sea. What could possibly have happened to you be found adrift in the sea? Journey the world, find more about yourself and the important mission which led you to this situation while being constantly distracted by major events happening on the world in The Mana World: rEvolt!

Moubootaur L.


You're found stranded in an empty island with no recollections of yourself. While searching for your parents, for your history, a great evil is at move, an evil which will change the whole world forever.

Ready to become a Moubootaur Legend now?

Source of Mana


Source of Mana is a 2D MMORPG using Godot to provide a modern player experience for a classic style of game that never really goes out of fashion. In Source of Mana you can live your medieval fantasy RPG adventure with friends and explore a world of magical tales and just pure silly fun. SoM is in the very early stages of development.

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