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TMW is always looking for translators who help players that have problems with the English language. Please join and become a contact person for people speaking the languages you know. More information below.

Using Translators

  • PM or whisper the translator regarding your problem
  • Please be patient, remember that they might be busy in game or in real life
  • Please stop bugging them if they said stop
  • This is a service people offer voluntarily, DON'T ABUSE IT

The list of translators is in the table at the bottom of this page.

How-to become a Translator

Now you can start doing some translation work.

Translation work

Translators can help TMW with various thing, such as:

  • In-game to help Player to Player (trade, talk, guild, etc.)
  • In-game to help GM to Player
  • Translating wiki pages
  • Translating forum posts
  • Translating Social Media Posts
  • Client Data Translations

List of Translators

Wiki Name Forum Name In-Game Character Names Primary Languages Secondary Languages Timezone

Tirifto Tirifto Rift Avis Czech (Česky) Esperanto UTC+01:00
Cassy Cassy Cassy or Biqcassy German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
Phinix Phinix Phinix German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
Dustman Dustman Dustman German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
Zpeed deepZ Zpeed German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
Doyouknow lion94 doyouknow German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
mas886 mas886 Octer Catalan (Català) and Spanish (Español) English UTC+01:00
nelson6e65 nelson6e65 nelson6e65 and 4 more Spanish (Español) English UTC-04:30
Destroceit destroceit destroceit Spanish (Latinoamérica) English UTC-03:00
MAF-Saulc-Youtube MAF-Saulc MAF-Saulc French (Français) English UTC+01:00
Altus Institute Altus Institute AARMB & LvS. French (Français) English UTC+01:00
Lord Vlad sacriopsmen Lord Vlad, MAF-Lord_Vlad, Vladshop French (Français) English UTC+01:00
mpslinux mortis mortis French (Français) English UTC+01:00
Lota Lota Lota or Omega Zell French (Français) English UTC+01:00
Susy Susy Kyta Italian (Italiano) English UTC+01:00
Meicchi Meicchi Puncake and some others Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro) English UTC-03:00
Fernando Nando Kung Fu Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro) English UTC-03:00
Bock Bock Bock Russian (Русский) English UTC+03:00
Alexanderlime alexander1006 alexanderlime Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) English UTC+08:00
Zenji Raffe Raffe or Zenji Danish (Dansk) English UTC+01:00
GajahMada Gajah GajahMada Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) English UTC+07:00
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster Cookie Monster Russian (Русский) English and German (Deutsch) UTC+01:00
MAF-McKree McKree McKree Spanish (Español) English and French UTC-03:00