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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Legacy server. If you are looking for information for the non-legacy game, go here... The Mana World.
Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.
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Tulimshar is (at the moment) the only town of Tonori Continent. It is surrounded by the sea to the west and the Desert to the east

Current Tonori Gamemaps


The city has a port off the inlet on the western coast of Tonori, where the major export is crystals found in the Gispaan Mountains. The growing number of snakes and black scorpions in the desert has made the outskirts of the city a very dangerous place for non-natives. More History


Tulimshar is, unfortunately, at the center of a political and warlike intersection; suffering from years of constant wars and forced alliances to keep its land from being destroyed and its people from being slaughtered. During times of peace, Tulimshar is a thriving trade port. Merchants buy and sell wares made from the local inhabitants that live in the city or trade goods from Gispaa. During times of war, Tulimshar becomes a fortress capable of repelling any invaders.

  • The upper class
    • Council of Wizards
      • A 12 members sit on this democratically elected council.
      • All 12 members convene after their elections to nominate the new Arch-mage of Tulimshar from a mage not on the council.
    • Fraternity of Mages
      • The University teaches for more than just magic. Such subjects as; Tactics, Conservation and Accounting are also taught.
      • While often elected to the council, the numerous personalities within the school often agree to disagree, then throw a lightning bolt.
    • Conclave of Officers
      • Usually lead by the battle mage from the University, this is a group of hardened warriors.
      • There numbers are few but the numerous wars has made all of the ones left alive veterans.
      • They keep order in and around Tulimshar, most often they are needed in the council chambers.
  • The middle class
    • Merchants
      • Selling goods locally and trade wares from the port.
    • Craftsmen
    • Skill Trainers
      • Devoting themselves to perfecting a skill they teach advanced techniques. such as Luca
  • The lower class
    • Laborers/Dock Hands
      • Handling the majority of the grunt work; unloading cargo, loading cargo and moving crates.
    • Soldiers/Guards
      • They spend most of their time policing the streets and the desert surrounding Tulimshar for any signs of trouble.
    • Natives
      • Made up of a nomadic peoples who roam the desert or camp up on the plateaus.
      • Known across the globe for their skills with snake skin,Pachua is one of the most famous.

What Locals have to say

Ekinu the Town Guard:

"[...] disaster'? Weren't you there? That huge huge volcano ex...rusion... whatever they call it, and the earthquake!
Half the town was reduced to rubble! Somehow, no-one was seriously injured though, so I guess we were lucky...
Well, the mayor rebuilt everything quickly, but I have no idea where he got the GP from...


"If I learned anything from school, Grenxen founded Tulimshar."
"Grenxen is the Demon that founded Tulimshar."
"That volcano eruption was scary; much of Tulimshar was destroyed. But the mayor had everything rebuilt quickly."


"I'm just here to provide a presence for the guards at this gate. The mages here can defend themselves without problem."


"Lots of stuff happens in the port district. Those sailors can get quite rowdy."
"It's still a mess in East Tulimshar. The volcano and earthquake did a lot of damage."
"It can get quite dangerous east of town. But for now, the passage is closed."


"This is a government building. They have some clerical and tax offices in here. There is also a jail in the subbasement."


"This cities water system is amazing. It was built centuries ago after the cataclysm that turned Tonori into this desert."
"They say that not much maintenance is needed, even though it's so old.";
"They also say monsters have moved into the underground tunnels that bring and distribute water."


"Come to the bakery!"

What to do there



Buy and Trade

Take Care of Yourself

  • Bank/Storage:
    • Hydusun (Central Tulimshar Marketplace)
    • Tybalt
  • Change genre: Eurni
  • Hairdresser:
    • Issay (Wizard's Rest)
    • Nicolas
  • Marriage: Estard (government building)
    • Rest: Rebecca (Inn)


Have Fun

  • Casino: (Inn)
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
    • Slotmachine
  • PvP: Phaet (Inn/Arena)