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Just some notes.


  • Every equipment piece is unique.
  • Weapons affect attack mechanics.
  • Armors affect received damage.
  • All items can optionally affect every basic and computed attribute positive or negative, percentual or absolute.


Properties by formula:

  • Weapon family and thus the skill used
  • Attack Zone
  • Attack speed
  • Penetration
  • Ratio between strength and dexterity required

Properties by material:

  • Damage
  • Durability
  • Attribute requirements
  • Weight

Armors (Including headgear, pants, gloves and shoes)

Armors require level because they are the status symbols #1 in MMORPGs.

Properties by formula:

  • Sprite used

Properties by material:

  • Default coloration of sprite
  • Physical defence
  • Magical defence
  • Elemental modifier
  • Level requirement
  • Weight


Properties by formula:

  • Equipment slot used

Properties by material:

  • Attribute boni


Properties by formula:

  • Weight

Properties by material:

  • Effect


Crafting an item requires, depending on the item, a fixed number of batches of normal materials of a certain type (like wood or metal) which can be filled with materials of different quality and optionally allows to add a limited number of special materials.

Normal materials
  • Rating: Multiplier to craft challenge rating and attribute requirements
  • Stability: Durability
  • Power: Damage/Defence
  • Mysticality: Enhances special properties of other materials in the same item, magical defence, magical attack.
Elemental modifier in armor, Elemental damage in weapons, Element-specific magic skill bonus in rods.
Attribute bonus
Broken weapon essence
Weapon skill bonus (crafters can extract the "memories" of a weapon which has done its duty)