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A Finnish nutcase who just happened to wander into the channel in November 2004 and somehow got involved. On the first night of involvement he composed some music (which never got used), wrote a backstory (which got discarded) and got a position as the art manager (which he is still trying to fulfill).

Currently between studies (bionics, major: bio/neuroadaptive systems, 1st minor: the usage of nanotechnology in medical applications, 2nd minor: cognitive systems) and his duties towards TMW due to the fact that he got to skip army for health reasons.


A proposal for how joining the project should approximately look like (obviously better written than by me):

eA Development

Technical development (programming)

  • Bug Kage and Jax


  • Contact Kage Jittai and Jaxad

TMW Development

Technical development (programming)


Graphics and content

CR1 project forum