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==Default controls==
==Default controls==
These are the default control for the [[ManaPlus Client]].

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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World. If you're interested for the Legacy game, please go to the Legacy portal.

This article is for reference purpose

The features described in this article are already implemented in the game. The article should describe how a certain aspect of the game currently works. You may of course edit this article to improve the description of the circumstances. Your opinions or improvement suggestions about the described aspects themself are of course appreciated, too. But please put these on the discussion page of this article to keep facts and fiction separated.

Important Information

This page is for the new server. If you are looking for information regarding the walkthrough legacy server please visit https://www.themanaworld.org/index.php/Legacy_Walkthrough

Rules and etiquette

In addition to the Game Rules, we would advise the following etiquette:

  1. Do not drop-steal without permission (drop-steal: take items dropped by a monster someone else killed).
  2. Do not kill-steal without permission (kill-steal: kill a monster someone else is fighting to get easy exp).
  3. Be polite, take the time to greet people before you ask anything, follow the same etiquette in conversation as you would follow in real life.
  4. Do not do things to others as you would not like to be done to yourself.

Default controls

These are the default control for the ManaPlus Client.


Key Action
Arrow Keys move around
Ctrl or A + X attack
F1 toggle the online help
F2 toggle profile window
F3 toggle inventory window
F4 toggle equipment window
F5 toggle skills window
F6 toggle minimap
F7 toggle chat window
F8 toggle shortcutbar
F9 show setup window
F10 toggle debug window
Alt+0--Alt+9, - & + show emoticons
S or Alt+S sit down / stand up
Alt+F toggle debug pathfinding feature
Alt+T toggle ignore/allow incoming trades
Alt+P take screenshot
A target nearest monster
H hide all non-sticky windows
G or Z pick up item
Enter focus chat window / send message
Shift hold it when attacking to lock target for auto attack

Tip: The keys listed here are the default keys. To change the keys go to setup -> keyboard.


Key Action
Left-click (on character) Attack
Left-click (on item) walk to and pick up
Left-click (on ground) toggle walking in the direction of the cursor
Right-click (on character) context sensitive menu
Left-click (on ground) toggle walking in the direction of the cursor


  • When using the mouse to walk, your character will automatically use a pathfinding algorithm to take the nearest route to the mouse pointer's location.
  • Left click to execute default action: walk, pick up an item, attack a monster and talk to NPCs (be sure to click on their feet).
  • Right click to show up a context menu (trade, attack, befriend, ...). Holding [Left Shift] prevents from walking when attacking.

First steps

This information will be added shortly. Thankyou for your patience.

Raising your Stats

  • When you gain a level in The Mana World, you are awarded points that you can distribute as you please between the various Stats.
  • Essentially, only two routes are beneficial in the long term, and the community refers to them as Warrior (or Melee) and Archer (or Ranged). It is not effective to be a magic user until high levels. Level 70 is ideal to start as mage.
  • Always try to keep the stats in the multiples of 5. You get bonus if your stats are in multiples of 5. For further details on each stat see the Stats page.
  • You can always experiment your stats and equipment easily in the Test Server. I would advise you to first test your stats in Test Server.


TMW doesn't have any class to choose but most define Warrior, Archer and Mage based on their stats and equipment. One can build stats to be Archer, Warrior and Mage at the same time with just change of equipment but it will consume more stat points. For starters and other new players, it's recomended to start as Warrior and then convert to Archer at level 30 when you completed Bandit Quest. You can start as Mage at level 70 after you complete Cindy Quest.

  • Warrior uses melee weapon or sword to fight. For more details visit Warrior.
  • Archer is easy to play and can level up fast. Archer uses bow and arrows. For more details visit Archer.
  • Mage uses magic to fight and heal. It's easier to play Mage at high level. For more details visit Mage.

Stat Reset

Malivox and Wyara are NPCs, who can reset your status points. So if you want to change your class, or you maybe accidentally raised INT instead of DEX, or whatever makes you want to redistribute your status points, just visit them.


See the article named Magic.

Quick walkthrough

  • LVL 1-15:

To be added.

  • LVL 13-28:

To be added.

  • LVL 25-40:

To be added.

  • LVL 38-50:

To be added.

  • LVL 45-60:

To be added.

  • LVL 61-90:

To be added.

  • LVL 90-99:

To be added.

More details about the quests are available in Quests and maps of the current world at User:Superkoop/IngameMap and In-game_world_map.


To be added.


To be added.

Training locations

To be added.

Training technique

Your wrist is going to get worn out in those long training sessions. Try mapping your keyboard so that your attack and target keys are more ergonomic to your hands as you can do this through the client in Setup. I personally use "A" and "Z" on my computer, which greatly helps my own training endurance.

Another good trick is healing on demand. Stock up on your healing item of choice (such things as Beer, Milk, Apples, or other edibles) and make the Inventory window small enough that it doesn't block much of your area of vision. Now keep that item selected, and you can simply click Use whenever you need a quick heal. This is even better if you have a recent client with the item shortcut bar. I toggle the healing item to use and just heal with one keystroke when needed. Keep in mind that we now heal over time.

The Economy

See the Economy page.


Once you have gained enough levels and money that the eternal grind begins to bore you, you have multiple options for spending your time:

  • Finish all the Quests.
  • Practice Magic and finish all the Magic Quests if you haven't already.
  • Become an obsessive collector. Outfit Wars may help you in finding the competitive gatherer within you.

And, of course, you can become a developer: see below.

Final thoughts

So you have completed your item collection and levelled as much as you care to. You've finished all of the quests. What else can you do? Well, one of the great things about The Mana World and Open Source software in general is that anyone can help improve it and further it along. There are many ways you can do that even without any "programming" knowledge.

The more active players the game has, the more potential programmers will be introduced to the game. And the more potential programmers we have, the faster the development will go. That means new features, items, quests, etc. for everyone. How can you help nurture a large active player base?

Well, as you may have noticed before you read this guide, the game has somewhat of a difficult learning curve for new players. Many more experienced players help newbies with quests and items - some even go so far as to create an account devoted solely to that purpose.

How do experienced players pass the time while we wait for new content? Simply put, we make our own quests and events, stimulating competition among players and giving out prizes as incentive. This is a great way that we keep other players from getting bored and quitting, and anyone can get involved with it.

Most importantly, if you have the time and a little bit of know how, you can influence the development of the game directly by helping to code, scripting new items, making pixel art for new tilesets, NPCs, monsters, etc, as well as mapping. Mapping especially is very simple and done in a freely available editor called Tiled, which you can read more about on the Map development page.

Doing all these things is easier when you are not working alone; indeed, bigger projects can be tackled much faster in groups. Although there is no integrated guild system in the client yet, players have started their own "unofficial" guilds (see Player Groups). They all serve different purposes, but at least one devotes itself to the purpose of furthering the development of the game through the three methods above. Consider joining a guild like this to be a part of a player community that seeks to better the game. You won't be losing your individuality (usually!) in doing so.

'This article is under construction'

The concept of the features described here are still under construction. The information for this wiki will be for the server.themanaworld.org server in the very near future, so expect changes. Therefore, this wiki may seem incomplete or confusing for a little while. Please be patient, and look forward to the great changes!