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This article contains information for players of The Mana World.

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Note: If you are new to magic please read this page first to get the basic knowledge before reading the other magic-related pages.


On The Mana World you can learn several magic spells and skills. While spells allow you for example to attack monsters or to heal yourself or others, the magic skills are required to be able to learn those spells or to make them more powerful. You won't need to be a full mage to be able to cast magic, you can also do so as archer or warrior in certain circumstances, but of course spells of full mages are more powerful (later more about that).

Magic is split into so-called magic schools such like General Magic, Nature, Life or others. This also means that spells and magic skills always belong to a certain school of magic. NPCs will teach you spells and skills during your way to become a mage.

Getting Started

To be able to use magic these points are required:

  • To learn magic, have a look at General Magic Skill Level 1 to start with.
  • Morgan in Candor needs to be seen to get a Wand. Be sure to have at least 5 of your status points on intelligence, or she won't be able to teach you anything..
  • Your magic bar must be light blue, and not grey. If it is grey, it means you have too many items equipped that prevent your magic from being used. Check in your status window to ensure your Magic Attack (M.Attack) is more than 0. If not, remove items until it is. Several items like shields, and some forms of clothing, give a penalty to magic attack so you'll have to unequip those.

Of course you can't learn and use all magic spells straight away. If your General Magic Skill's level is 1 you will be able to learn and use all spells that require this level. The column "Level" of the overview section of the Spells wiki page shows you which they are.

Casting spells

An user casting the #abizit spell.
An user casting the Nature magic spell.
An user casting the Life magic spell.

There are two possibilities to use spells:

  • By typing the spell's invocation into the chat window (e. g. #abizit).
  • By shortcut, meaning you only have to press one key on your keyboard.

When you type spells in the chat they always start with a hash sign (#) and eventually the parameters after a space (e.g. #parum boo, #inma Username).

Certain spells require items which are consumed in the process. In addition different spells are of different levels. For whatever level a spell is, your magic skill level must be equal to or greater than it, in both the spell's school of magic and in general magic, if you want to cast it. For example, to cast a level 2 nature spell, you must be level 2 in both Nature Magic and General Magic. Note that spells do not indicate most ways they can fail in. If you do not have the necessary items for spells requiring ingredients, the spell will silently fail. Similarly, if for example you are casting a healing spell and are too far from the player to be able to heal them, you will see no effect or error message.

Note: By clicking "Expand" a short instruction about how to use and create shortcuts with Manaplus will appear. As this isn't necessary to be able to cast magic, it is hidden to avoid confusion. However, you might want to check this later when you're more experienced because it can make using magic easier for you.

For Manaplus users there are already shortcuts existing from the beginning, like key M for #itenplz or C for #lum and #inma. Check the commands in the help window (F1) of Manaplus. As too many shortcuts can be hard to handle it's often better to only create ones for spells you use often or for those spells you don't have time for typing in the chat because they need to be casted fast during fights (e.g. #ingrav).

How to create shortcuts in Manaplus

  • First open your spells window (key J on your keyboard) and shortcuts window (F8).
  • Then simply drag and drop the spell you wish to the shortcuts window.*

Example: Picking "ing" (you will see it's #ingrav when you move your mouse there) and dropping it to "2" in the shortcuts window will allow you to cast #ingrav by pressing the key 2 on your keyboard instead of always typing #ingrav in the chat.

*If the spell you are searching for isn't listed you can add it by right clicking at an empty slot, clicking "Edit spell", entering the invocation name in "Command" and if you want initials in "Symbol" (like "ing" vor #ingrav). Of course you need to press "Save" then. Example: Symbol chip and command #chipchip.

Training and leveling up magic skills

Note: By going through the Magic Quests you'll get all skills and spells. For overviews please see Spells and Magic Skills. However, to understand how training and leveling up magic skills works you should read this description first.

As there is a difference between learning magic spells (or magic in general) and being able to control them your characters must learn magic from NPCs and train. Magic trainers can both give you spells and level you up in whatever schools of magic they can teach. When you visit a magical NPC you can ask about other magical NPCs via the "What do you know about..." inquiry. Some magic trainers are easy to find while others require searching through more obscure parts of The Mana World.

Training and leveling up the General Magic Skill requires that you gain experience in magic by practicing spells. Casting the same spell consecutively will result in no additional magic experience right after the first cast. Also spells that consume items give more magic experience. A good example for beginners is casting #kalmurk and #parum boo alternately.

Magic experience isn't shown anywhere in your status window, but there is a way to check it by using the #abizit spell. Depending on the client you're playing with and its settings you will see a message (most likely in the Debug chat tab) after using #abizit that tells you how well you can handle magic. To reach General Magic level 2 you first need 100% magic experience and then visit the Mana Seed again, but make sure you are Level 30 or over.

Below you can find out what level progress the #abizit message refers to:

#abizit message Progress
"You feel completely overwhelmed by your magic." less than 10%
"You feel quite overwhelmed by your magic, but are beginning to see patterns." 10%-20%
"You feel that you have only the bare minimum of control over your magic." 20%-30%
"Trying to control your magic is still rather troublesome." 30%-40%
"You feel you still have a few difficulties in controlling your magic." 40%-50%
"You feel somewhat in control of your magic." 50%-60%
"You feel mostly in control of your magic." 60%-70%
"You feel quite in control of your magic." 70%-80%
"You feel that you have very good control of your magic." 80%-90%
"You feel in almost perfect control of your magic." 90%-100%
"You feel in perfect control of your magic, [and seem on the verge of something more... perhaps you should see the Mana Seed to ask for more magic?]" 100%-200%
"You have perfect control of what you understand now, but there is now a distinct sensation of something more, something indescribable. If only the Mana Seed would give more magic to you..." 200%-450%
"Magic flows naturally from you, readily and with ease. Your understanding of what you can currently control at present is flawless, far beyond your requirements to cast magic at this level. [Surely the Mana Seed will more than readily offer more magic for such a proficient user.]" 450% and over
An user casting the transmutation spell.
An user casting the War magic spell.

Note: The General Magic Skill level is currently capped at 2. This is also why the progress can be higher than 100%.

While leveling up means being able to learn more spells and skills, progressing (%) causes certain spells like #parum (boo) and #zukminbirf to become more effective.

Minimum magic experience for each General Magic Skill level*

  • Level 1: you start with this level
  • Level 2: 100
  • Level 3: 1,200 - as the level is capped at 2 you can't reached level 3 but progress to 100% and more.
  • Level 4 will most likely be 8,000
  • Level 5 will most likely be 40,000

*Add up to 1/3 of the percentage (%) due to built-in inaccuracy of #abizit

Magical Status

The main status parameter that increases your magical abilities is Intelligence. Although intelligence is not absolutely necessary to advance in magic, it determines the effectiveness and strength of your spells by automatically increasing Magic Attack (M.Attack).


  • Intelligence:
    • Magic Attack: Each intelligence point adds +1 or even +2*(int/5) if INT is a multiple of 5
    • Magic Defense: Each intelligence point adds +1
    • Mana (MP, SP): Increases Mana and Mana recovering rate
    • Has influence on your abilities in potion making.
  • Level: Level adds +1 to your magic attack, starting at level 14
  • Magic Attack: Governs the power of the spells. This means it influences
    • the amount of damage or heal,
    • the range of the spell,
    • the number of shots when applicable (War Magic),
    • the number of creatures summoned (Astral Magic),
    • and the number of items you get with transmutation.
  • Magic Defense: Determines how well you will be able to withstand magical attacks on you (only in PvP at the moment as monsters have no magic attack).
  • Mana (MP, SP): Mana is the amount of magical energy available to devote to casting spells. It recharges over time just like HP does.
  • Magic Experience (of the General Magic Skill): Improves spells efficiency in some way. Low experience can make some spells fail, especially Transmutation spells.
  • Astral Soul Skill: Boosts all your magical abilities. It is a must to be a full mage.
  • Equipment: Can penalize or improve your magical abilities; see below.

Note: Married players have an increased spell power when casting Life or Nature spells on their partner. The power bonus is a bit more important if both wear their wedding rings.


As a mage you need to choose your equipment carefully because in TMW almost all things worn will penalize your M.Attack value, causing less effective spells or even disabling magic completely.

Penalizing Items

Magic penalties are especially big from metal armor. The following list includes things that penalize your M.Attack value:

Only referring to released items. The worst penalties come with gloves, shields and chest armors such as Warlord Plate.

Helpful Items

Some equipment will not penalize your M.Attack and some will even give a bonus to it. These equipment and other useful ones are listed below.

1-Handed and 2-Handed Weapons

Head Armor

Regular Head Armor
Rare Head Armor

There is a lot of rare head armor which can be useful for mages, so to avoid confusion and because they aren't regular equipment those are hidden below.

Please click "Expand" to make the gallery appear and "Collapse" to hide it again.

Chest Armor


  • The Lazurite Robe is currently the best equipment for mages, but it requires Level ≥90 to be able to equip it and Intelligence ≥70 and Vitality ≥40 to activate the bonuses.
    It increases Intelligence by +7, M.Attack by +60, M.Defense by +60, Defense by +7 and reduces Strength by -1, Vitality by -1, Dexterity by -1, Luck by -1 and Move Speed by -15%.



  • The Heart of Isis doesn't give any bonus to magic but is the most effective charm which increases Maximum HP by +15% and HP recovery rate by +65% causing healing items or spells like #lum to heal you faster. Requires Level ≥85.

Leg Armor, Foot Armor, Gloves, Shields and Rings


  • Mages usually don't wear trousers or skirts as they all penalize M.Attack. Silk Pants is the only leg armor that won't penalize M.Attack.
  • The Scarab Armlet is the only shield that doesn't penalize M.Attack but it's unobtainable and very rare.
  • Silk Gloves are the only gloves that won't penalize M.Attack.

Roles of mages

Of course there are differences between mages. It's not just the equipment and stats, it's more the sort of mage they prefer to play as which leads to these different equipments and stats. The most common roles are listed below, including descriptions and pros and cons.

Warriors and archers

Warriors usually don't use magic since their armor and other equipment bring huge penalties to magic attack, but there are indeed builds that mix warrior stats with mage stats. They aren't as strong as other warriors or mages, but prefer having fun casting magic than being effective. However, it's more common that warriors only use magic when they change equipment.

Archers very often use magic to heal. Their equipment doesn't give that much penalty on magic attack so they can easier find a way to be both archer and healer even without raising Intelligence at all. They also don't have to replace their Forest Armor and Cat Ears, the most important equipment for archers (when you don't count Bows and Arrows) and only need to take care of their gloves, boots and maybe leg armor to be able to shoot well and cast magic.

Full mages: Speed mages and tank mages

Full mages completely focus on magic. Intelligence is at maximum (99) and the other stats depend on if you want to be more defensive or offensive. Tank mages then prefer high Vitality to better resist attacks and high Luck to avoid critical hits. Speed mages use high Agility to hurt their enemies not only hard, but also fast again and again which also makes them level up faster.

Both mages roles are focused on the Astral Soul Skill and use typical mage equipment like Lazurite Robe, Sorcerer Robe, Wizard Hat, Grimoire, Wooden Staff or Rock Knife and so on.


Casting #betsanc spell.

Runners are tank mages that hardly fight, but support other fighters by luring away mobs and healing hurt players. After casting #betsanc, which gives them the ability to evade far more hits, Runners aggravate mobs by using the #itenplz spell repeatedly to protect other players from being attacked by a herd of monsters.

They are called Runners because there is hardly any time for them to stand at place - the herd of monsters would kill them else. So they keep on running, mostly in a circle. This also means that they usually don't fight and therefore don't really get EXP or drops. This might sound bad now, but at Candor or the The Illia Sisters quest Runners are the best support players can have thanks to this tactic. This also means Runners have a really good chance to survive these.

Runners aren't easily built. You need a high level at about 85-90 minimum to have enough status points to distribute. At Candor Battle Luck must be 66, at Illia even 70 to be sure that no critical hit can get you (except for Luvia Illia herself who has 255 in Luck). You will also need a high Vitality to increase your defense.

As the Rock Knife increases Vitality by +3 Runners wear it instead of the Wooden Staff. Furthermore The Terranite Armor components (Terranite Helmet, Chest Armor and Legs) are very helpful as they increase the defense well, but with a less penalty to M.Attack than other equipment with a similar bonus on defense. A shield and gloves are recommended too, depending on the defense bonus and the penalty on M.Attack. You should end up somewhere about 400 in M.Attack, but feel free to try out less or more as Runners have different preferences. Note that the less M.Attack you have, the less will be the range of #itenplz and #inma.

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