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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World rEvolt. If you're interested for the Classic game, please go to the Classic portal.

This article is for reference purpose

The features described in this article are already implemented in the game. The article should describe how a certain aspect of the game currently works. You may of course edit this article to improve the description of the circumstances. Your opinions or improvement suggestions about the described aspects themself are of course appreciated, too. But please put these on the discussion page of this article to keep facts and fiction separated.

This is the FAQ for The Mana World. If you have a question, search for it in the Table of Contents. If you cannot find it, please post it on the forums, after having previously searched for similar threads.

Game-related questions

I forgot my password

  • For game account, Follow the instructions here: Password Resets
  • Wiki and Forums password resets should work. If you no longer have the information for those accounts, please follow the above thread and make note in the email about needed Wiki and Forums reset as well.

I signed up for a Game Account before an email was required; how can I change it?

  • Login to the The Mana World
  • In chat type this command replacing the last part with the new email address: @email [email protected] <NewEmailAddress>
  • example: @email [email protected] [email protected] would set that accounts email address to [email protected]
  • Securing your account with an email insures quick resets and support for issues because we can verify the owner of the account.

My screen is black/blank and/or looks crazy or unable to get updates

  • Try downloading the most recent client from Downloads.

I'm a bit lost... How do I start?

There is an article specifically about this: The Walkthrough.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

See the README file that came with your install for the list or press F1 while in game to see the help. The shortcut keys are configurable. More information on keys and the Yellow Bar.

How do I choose my stats?

  • Strength: Makes you hit harder with melee weapons.
  • Agility: Makes your enemies hit you less often and increases your attack speed.
  • Vitality: Increases your maximum HP and your HP recovery rate. Decreases the amount of damage you receive from hits.
  • Intelligence: Increases your maximum MP and your MP recovery rate. This stat also determines what type of potions you receive when you put herbs in Caul's cauldron, and it increases the power of certain spells.
  • Dexterity: Makes you hit harder with bows. Makes you miss your enemies less often with both melee and bow weapons.
  • Luck: Makes you do critical hits from time to time.

For further reading see Stats.

What are the different skills?

Please visit our own Skills page.

What are MP for?

MP stands for "Mana Points", therefore, these are the points used to cast some magic spells.

Support questions

Does TMW have an IRC channel?

Yes it does. For direct web access with no IRC client go to http://web.libera.chat/?channels=#themanaworld.

Otherwise feel free to join these channels within your IRC client:

  • Server: irc.libera.chat

Also there are some channels for related projects.

  • Server: irc.libera.chat
    • Channel: #mana (Client development)
    • Channel: #tiled (Editor for .tmx maps)

Is my platform supported?

The server is currently only supported under linux now. We have no server packages so you will have to build it from source. Instructions can be found here: How to Develop.

The client supports Mac, Windows and GNU/Linux. Packages can be found on our Downloads page.

Where can I look for help?

The IRC channel, #themanaworld, is a good start for solving small problems or doubts. Most people are from Europe (UTC or UTC+1 timezones), or the Americas (mostly UTC-5 to UTC-8), you will have more success at certain hours in the day. Please do not log out if you do not get an answer immediately.

For more complex problems (compilations problems, crashes...) it is advisable to use the forums, as it is a non-volatile way of storing your claims. If you do it in IRC, some people won't have the opportunity to read them and your opportunity of getting further help will be narrowed. At the same time posting long logs or reports on IRC is not polite.

Of course, using the search feature and reading the forum announcements is a smart thing to do.

When is this game updated?

This depends on the availability of developers. Every TMW developer volunteers their free times, and there are periods when free time is scarce. New content could be very quick to come or very slow depending on this. To keep up, visit our forums and IRC!

The clients are following their own release schedule.

I want to help, how do I join the team?

First, if you are a developer read this: Joining the project.

If you're a graphic artist is suggested you read the Guidelines and take a look at the Graphics section on Development.

If you want to help coding some scripts or managing server content, read How to Develop

If you just want to suggest something, use the Suggestions/Feedback subforum.

Common problems

When I try to login using the account that usually works, I get following message: Disconnected from server

The message is misleading. It means that the game server is not online at the moment. Try again later.

If you really want to make sure, make sure you're trying to connect to server.themanaworld.org and that the port in your config.xml is set to 6901.

If that is the case and you still are not convinced it really is down, run "ping -c1 <host>" to check if the server's machine is up at or run "telnet <host> <port>" to also check if the server software is listening on the port you specified. Telnet should timeout after a while if it cannot connect to the specific port on the host.