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Hercules is an open-source project, revolving around the creation of a robust massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) server package, emulating a Ragnarok Online Server. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers located around the world as well as a tremendous community providing QA and support. Hercules is a continuation of the original Athena project.

TMW added Evol features in Hercules server so It'd be called Evol-Hercules.

TMWA & Evol-Hercules can use the same client-data so that repository is non-issue except the tools Symbolic link as they both use manaplus for the client.

Why a second server?

  • Script reuse among forks
  • Variation for people who wanted it
  • More and Different features
  • Tied closer to the official client
  • Competition breeds quality

Extra features

  • Quest log
  • Real guilds support
  • Mercenaries (mob/bot without AI). It can be rendered from npc.
  • Homunculuses (Same as mercenaries but permanent).
  • Server side pets (pets can't be much, but it is a real pet unlike emulation in Manaplus for tmwa).
  • Different types of shops.
  • Shops with limited number of items.
  • Shops which can use currencies rather than money controlled by script.
  • Cart. It work like second inventory. Can be used for personal shops.
  • Personal shops for sell and buy items. Now Manaplus support sell shops and soon will support buy shops.
  • Different skills.
  • Skills that can be used like some ability switch. like skill "cart" allow you to use cart.
  • Skills can work like attacks, protection or magic actions. They may work to self, to target or to ground.
  • Increasing skill level can gain another skill automatically.
  • Item levels.
  • Item cards. It works like gems. Some items can be inserted to another item. (Manaplus now doesn't support it but Hercules server will). Items can probably break after some time. Not tested how exactly this work.
  • Chat channels. Normal channels and special channels for active map and channel for connecting to IRC.
  • Support races. Each race may have own look and have difference in stats.
  • Server plugins.

Server migrating procedure

Step 1) Set-up test environment
Step 2) Make list of Bugs/Security issues
Step 3) Come up with migration/deprecation plan if the development team decide to proceed
Step 4) Fix Bugs/Security issues
Step 5) Migrate/Deprecate & document

TMW Hercules Live Test

Account/Passwords still need some work so creating a new account is the best option at the moment.
Server address:
port: 6900
Type: Evol2