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ManaLauncher is a beta, game client launcher for The Mana World. The launcher is required for certain inter-server quests/events/functions. See below for just the clients. You will need a home world set in the launcher so you need to at least have an account at one of the participating servers:


Manaverse is the official game client for The Mana World. Portable builds are available here:

Downloads for other systems, and the project source code, can be found on the manaverse website.

You can register for an account from within the client, except for TMW rEvolt. Keep in mind that Source of Mana does not run under the Manaverse client.

Server address

In rare cases, you may see an empty server list on Windows. Server addresses are available here. The address for the Classic server is:

  • Name: The Mana World: Classic
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 6901 TCP

Source of Mana

Source of Mana does not run under the Manaverse client. You can download it directly here:



ManaPlus is a sister project of The Mana World and was the default game client between 2014 (taking over from the old Mana client) and 2021, when it was replaced by Manaverse.

Manaverse is a self-fork optimized for playing The Mana World, however, you should still be able to download the original Manaplus client as well.

If you cannot or do not want to use our fork, you can download the original Manaplus client here:

- Download the Original ManaPlus -


The Mana client was the original client project. It was discontinued in 2014 in favour of Manaplus and is no longer available.

Note: If you have problems while registering or troubles getting Manaverse running please contact us. Please bear in mind that we do not provide support for ManaPlus.