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Local server install and configure

Before look first steps and local server

Before this step install and configure mariadb server

Add local server repository

1. Open command line in evol-all directory.

2. Run:

./ local

If was no server-local repository, it will start cloning it

Now you can build server from sources

Build and install local server from sources

For build server you must install different deps.

 * mysqlclient-dev, mariadbclient-dev, libmysqlclient-dev, libmariadbclient-dev depend what sql and os you using.
 * libtool
 * zlib-dev or zlib1g-dev package
 * libpcre-dev package
 * gcc, make, automake, autoconf and may be some other common build tools.

For build do this steps:

1. Open command line in evol-all directory.

2. Run:

cd tools/localserver

you will see


3. Run:


4. Run:


Or if you have gcc < 4.8


./ old

4. If all went without errors now you can try to run server

Run local server

Open three terminals in /evol-all/server-data/

In first terminal run:


In second terminal run:


In last terminal run:


All servers should not show errors.

If you see error like "plugin not found" you should build server, something wrong happend and plugins not working.

If you see "config not found" you probably running server not from server-data directory.

Upgrade local server

At first run ./ in evol-all directory for update all repositories.

Then follow steps from "Build and install local server from sources"

Also follow update database step

And follow update configs step