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Just some notes.


  • Every equipment piece is unique.
  • Weapons affect attack mechanics.
  • Armors affect received damage.
  • All items can optionally affect every basic and computed attribute positive or negative, percentual or absolute.


Properties by formula:

  • Weapon family and thus the skill used
  • Attack Zone
  • Attack speed
  • Penetration
  • Ratio between strength and dexterity required

Properties by material:

  • Damage
  • Durability
  • Attribute requirements
  • Weight

Armors (Including headgear, pants, gloves and shoes)

Armors require level because they are the status symbols #1 in MMORPGs.

Properties by formula:

  • Sprite used

Properties by material:

  • Default coloration of sprite
  • Physical defence
  • Magical defence
  • Elemental modifier
  • Level requirement
  • Weight


Properties by formula:

  • Equipment slot used

Properties by material:

  • Attribute boni


Properties by formula:

  • Weight

Properties by material:

  • Effect


Crafting an item requires, depending on the item, a fixed number of batches of normal materials of a certain type (like wood or metal) which can be filled with materials of different quality and optionally allows to add a limited number of special materials.

Normal materials
  • Rating: Multiplier to craft challenge rating and attribute requirements
  • Stability: Durability
  • Power: Damage/Defence
  • Mysticality: Enhances special properties of other materials in the same item, magical defence, magical attack.
Elemental modifier in armor, Elemental damage in weapons, Element-specific magic skill bonus in rods.
Attribute bonus
Broken weapon essence
Weapon skill bonus (crafters can extract the "memories" of a weapon which has done its duty)

Material naming

Using materials which exist in the real world would be boring. Making up fantasy names would give a much better flair.

Wacky idea to come up with names: What works for elements of the periodic table should also work for us. So how about naming materials after people who played an important role in the development of TMW? When we disguise it well enough noone would notice.