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The development team has discussed the contents of this article and has decided that it should be implemented as described. But the implementation is not finished yet. You can help to bring the features described here into the game.

When a character is affected by a physical attack it gets the chance to evade the attack. The evade probability depends on the dexterity and weapon skill of the attacker and the dexterity and the weight of the equipment of the defender.

hit dodge accuracy

Each being has a "hit accuracy" rating and a "dodge accuracy" rating. When a being is hit by a physical attack, the attacker rolls a random number between 0 and its hit accuracy and the defender rolls a random number between 0 and its dodge accuracy. When the defender's number is higher it dodges the attack and isn't harmed.

The result is a Gaussian distribution of hit probability. When both values are quite close to each other, the changes are quite noticeable; but no matter how different the values are, there is always a small chance to miss or hit.

Hit and dodge accuracy of players are calculated as follows:

Hit accuracy = Dexterity + Weapon Skill 
Dodge accuracy = Agility * 10 / (10 + equipment weight in kg)

This means that the hit accuracy ratings are generally higher than the dodge accuracy ratings so that more attacks hit in combat than miss. Knights who wear heavy platemail and carry large weapons should rather endure attacks while rogues in light armor with small weapons rather dodge attacks. So the weight of the complete equipment (including the weapon) affects the dodge accuracy rating negatively.

Implementation status

Hitting and dodging is partially implemented. The hit and dodge mechanics work but there are the following gaps when calculating hit and dodge accuracy for players:

  • Equipment weight doesn't affect dodge accuracy yet