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Four factions have taken major power in the world after The Mana War.

Periodically, the factions fight against others. However, their headquarter town cannot be conquered.

A player can join a faction but right now it would overlap with guilds so it was disabled.

The Legion of Aemil

Leader: Q'Anon
Headquarters: Artis

The Legion of Aemil was founded when the Fleet of Ancea, after its long voyage across the ocean, landed on the shores of a new continent which they named after their Captain, Aemil. Initially the Legion was made up of many of the sailors who previously manned the great fleet and now defended the other settlers from the untamed wilderness of their new home. Lacking any organised leadership, the settlers soon began to look at the militaristic organisation of the Legion for structure. In Argaes this role would have been held by various nobles and powerful merchants, but with only peasants and seafarers aboard the Fleet the militia that was the Legion quickly evolved into a system of government.

Members of the Legion gain the following buffs:

  • +2 STR
  • +1 VIT
  • +30 HP
  • +10 MP

The Brotherhood of Argaes

Leader: Jonatas
Headquarters: Hurnscald

In the wake of the Mana War the ruling council in Hurnscald lost many of its members to the fighting. Those who survived were not able to maintain control over the town and soon an underground organisation rose to prominence, effectively ruling Hurnscald from the shadows. Their ranks were made up of former criminals and outcasts, but with a strong desire for redemption. Thanks to their strict code of honour and a history aiding the common folk of Argaes, by the end of the war the population trusted this new leadership more than the old. The Brotherhood of Argaes, as it became known, was able to replace the old council and extend its control over the entire Argaes region.

Members of the Brotherhood gain the following buffs:

  • +2 DEX
  • +1 AGI
  • +30 HP
  • +10 MP

The Lawless Hand

Leader: Tanveer
Headquarters: Tulimshar*

Also known as "The Hand", they are an underground organisation that began in similar circumstances to The Brotherhood. They emerged as a powerful political force in Tulimshar during the Mana War and attempted to take control of the city. Their ultimate intent was to abolish all laws and let the people of Tulimshar find a state of balance where no government would be needed. The old merchant leadership of Tulimshar however was ultimately too deeply rooted within the city's administration. Offering no alternative to the long-established system other than a complete lack of rules, the Hand was unable to sway the citizens of Tulimshar and thus remained in the shadows as a powerful criminal organisation. While some say their rivalry with the Brotherhood comes from their resentment for Brotherhood's the success in gaining control of Hurnscald, the Hand sustains that their intent is to simply liberate their neighbouring region from oppression.

Members of the Hand gain the following buffs:

  • +2 LUK
  • +1 DEX
  • +30 HP
  • +10 MP

The Guardians of Candor

Leader: Hocus Pocus the Fidibus
Headquarters: The Tower*

Originally known as the Wizard Order, these mages were mostly humans from Keshlam and Tulimshar who collected and studied knowledge related to Mana and Magic. Upon the discovery of the Mana Tree the Wizard Order found itself in a unique position of power as the leadership of the city-states looked at them for guidance in how to deal with this powerful connection to the world's Mana. With so much power available to them, the Wizard Order succumbed to greed and convinced the cities to allow for the island of Candor (where the Tree was located) to be put under the Order's direct jurisdiction. Their control over the Tree eventually led to the Mana War and the destruction of the Order at the end of the war, when interference with the Tree's free flow of Mana caused an overcharge and subsequent explosion. The members of the Order who survived became the Raijin. While most Raijin did not want to be associated with the Order anymore, some settled on Candor and founded the Guardians of Candor. The Guardians seek to make amends for their ancestors' mistakes by ensuring that the location of the Mana Tree under the island of Candor remains secret and that the Tree remain undisturbed.

Members of the Guardians gain the following buffs:

  • +2 INT
  • +1 AGI
  • +30 HP
  • +10 MP

The City-State of Tulimshar

Once a small trading hub in the desert of Tonori, it grew into a large port where trade converges from all over the Clear Sea and beyond. After the fall of Keshlam the city of Tulimshar became the wealthiest and largest settlement in all of Ancea.

West of the city, on the border with the region of Argaes is the seat of the Guardians of Candor, simply known as The Tower.