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Everything in boxes is what you add in your item page, everything else, including the headers in this Help page, is comments to describe what to do, how and why.

Top Templates

At the very top of the page always add these templates:

{{Category playerinfo}}
{{Status green}}

"{{Metakey}}{{Metadesc}}{{I18n}}" stand in one line because otherwise it will add paragraphs between them, making the templates look weird.

Item Template

Depending on which Category the item is, a special template will be used. Please always use the appropriate template so the formatting it contains will be correctly. Also the templates automatically add the correct category to the item, making it easier to group them and navigate through them.

Copy and paste the appropriate template code:


  |Name           = [[Item name]]
  |Image          = [[File:item.png]]
  |ID             = Item ID
  |Description    = Item description
  |Level          = required equip level (not level to obtain it!), delete Level line if none
  |Stats increase = formatting example: "Vitality +1", delete Stats increase line if none
  |Stats decrease = formatting example: "M.Attack -1", delete Stats decrease line if none
  |Buyable        = Yes or no
  |Buy            = formatting example: "1,000", it will add "GP" automatically
  |Sell           = formatting example: "1,000", it will add "GP" automatically
  |Weight         = formatting example: "1,000", it will add "g" automatically


  • Click at the above listed Templates to find out how they work.
  • The difference between Generic Items and Useable Items is easily explained: Useable Items do something when clicking at them, like potions, food or towels.
  • The information needed for the templates (like Item ID, Description, Stats, ...) can be viewed in the Item DB files on GitHub


== Info ==
Put here some general information about the item. Note that sources follow as a separate topic.



* [[Newbie Quests]]
* Buyable from [[Shop NPCs]]
* [[Red Slime]] drop (5.5%)

See Also

"See Also" lists links to wiki pages directly related to the item page, which weren't liked to in the "Sources" headline yet (so not listing a Quest twice). In all cases this is the Item Reference, the Item Type page and the Item Category page like in the example below. Example Amethyst Ring:

* [[Gemstone]]
* [[Gemstone Ring]]
* [[Item Reference/Rings]]
* [[Ring]]
* [[:Category:Ring]]

Complete example

You can copy & paste the code below but remember to replace the information correctly.

We use the Scarab Armlet as example here:

{{Category playerinfo}}
{{Status green}}

  |Name           = [[Scarab Armlet]]
  |Image          = [[File:Armor-hands-scarabarmlet.png]]
  |ID             = 585
  |Description    = A scarab armlet.
  |Stats increase = M.Attack +5
  |Buyable        = No
  |Buy            = 8,000
  |Sell           = 4,000
  |Weight         = 200

== Info ==
The [[Scarab Armlet]] is one of the most seeked for and most rare items in [[The Mana World]]. Only very few people own one. 
It is not obtainable in the game anymore.

Remember that [[Shields]] can only be equipped with a one-handed Weapon.

The [[Scarab Armlet]] is the only Shield that doesn't boost your defense and the only one that doesn't give a huge 
penalty on Magic Attack, it even boosts a player's Magic Attack by 5. This makes it useless for warriors but an 
interesting alternative for players. 

While usual mages have a staff equipped the Scarab Armlet doesn't allow equipping a two-handed weapon like a staff but 
together with the [[Rock Knife]] which boosts your Vitality by 3 the Scarab Armlet can become quite handy.

== Sources ==
* none, this item is unobtainable in the game and can only be obtained by trading with other players

== See Also ==
* [[Item Reference/Shields]]
* [[Shield]]
* [[:Category:Shield]]