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Eligible Towns

Tulimshar, Halinarzo, Hurnscald, Land Of Fire and Nivalis.

Office Privileges

Currently, the town admin only receives a weekly income.

Daily Paperwork

Every day, you should visit your office and click on the “daily paperwork” option. This have 33% chances of increasing town reputation in 1.

Failure to do so, will lower the town reputation in 2 points.

The town stats

Taxes are money collected on sales and purchases and goes directly to town vault. Exportations change how much money town gets each week. Reputation affects from the town admin salary, to other aspects in the town.

Town Money: How much GP the town can use for its functions

Town Reputation: One of the major variables, affects every aspect of the town. It is a % value ranging from 0 to 100.

Town Weekly Exports: How much money the town makes from weekly exports. At the end of the week, 0.5% of this value will be added to town money. Do note that the town will only get 0.5% if the reputation was maxed.

Town Exports usually will not go down, which makes it a valuable long-term investment.

Taxes: How much GP on every purchase, sale, and operation (crafting, status reset, meltdown, etc.) belongs to town. Do note that usually this value is builtin and will not be “added” to the value. Player sale taxes are only 20% of the nominal taxes.

Tax/Don’t Tax Crafters: This option will cause the crafting services (incl. status reset, meltdown, etc.) to be exempt for the tax. The value which would usually go to the town in the form of taxes will then be refunded.

Application and Voting

You can apply at any town, only once per account. The terms runs for a week.

You can vote in all towns, once per town, during the week.

The elections happen at Sunday, 00:00 UTC (server time)


If you resign, you’ll no longer be the office holder. This will NOT prevent you from running to the town!

“Jesus Saves” (GM) will take over the town. When you resign, the town paperwork will be dealt lazily by Jesus Saves. You will not receive the weekly income if you resign!