From The Mana World


A few items can be refined to make them stronger. An item can be refined up to +10. Items can only be refined in Land Of Fire Village, by Fortiun.

At 10.1, only chestplates, weapons, shields and helmets can be refined.


Refining a weapon will give +8 attack and magic attack, with bonuses after +6. Refining an armor will grant from +3 to +5 defense, depending on the refine level.


Each refine level worsens the chance of being successful. For instance, the first thing to be rolled is the success chance. If you fail, a few ailments may happen:

Item gets weaker

With 1% chance per refine level, if this happens, your item will lose one refine level. So if it was +6, it will become +5.

Item breaks

With 0.1% chance per refine level, it will make the item piece unusable. Broken items can be repaired by a NPC in the same building, but for a tax.

Nothing happens

As the title suggests, if it doesn’t gets weaker nor breaks, you’ll only waste the reagents used on the refine proccess.


To refine equipment, you’ll need Wurtzite Ore. This ore can be get from Elenium Mines, inside LoF town caves; Or can be obtained by exchanging Copper Ingots.

Higher level refines will also require Graphene and even Arcanum. These rare reagents can be rarely be obtained from the Elenium Bifs; But most commonly they are done by exchanging Wurtzite Ore with Fortiun.