50px-Template-info.png Template documentation :

This is the main template that is to be used for Quests documentation.

Translated templates are named .Xy:Quest dev, where Xy is the standard abbreviation of language.

example: Template:.Fr:Quest

Note: {{I18n}} Template does not direct to translated template.


Copy the following code into your page.

Omitted values will be displayed with their default values or will not appear if they have none. If they are left blank, tehy will be displayed with a blank field.

{{.De:Quest |Bild = [[Image:Image.png]] |Anfang = <Map #, location> |Stufe = <Stufe> (required) |Voraussetzungen= <[[Quest name|Quest display name]] |Wiederholbar = (defaults to "Nein, nur einmal") |Belohnung = <# Item(s)>,xp (defaults to "Keine") |Kosten = <# Item(s)> (or various items) }}