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Note: TMW has several Administrators depending on the platform and the role they play:

  • Server Administrators
  • Forum Administrators and Moderators
  • Wiki Administrators
  • Administrators on external platforms

Please understand that we avoid listing all Admins here as it makes updating a bigger effort and higher risk to leave this page outdated, but we added links to where the respective Admintrators are listed.


Server Administrators are level 99 Game Masters. There is a difference between development-wise Administrators and game-wise Administrators. Development-wise Administrators perform server maintenance, system and applications updates and other tasks development-related tasks while game-wise Administrators mainly work very close with Game Masters (if they aren't GMs at the same time anyway) to solve problems from players.

This forum topic about the TMW Committee lists all of TMWC's member, including Server Admins. Server Admins are always part of TMWC.


Forum Administrators perform moderation on the whole forum, organize groups, invite players to them and more.

Also members of the TMW Committee have moderation rights.

See Forum Administrators and Moderators.


Wiki administrators agree users registration, moderate the wiki and verify the consistency of content posted by contributors. At the moment, only Bureaucrats can change user names.

The Wiki Administrators and Bureaucrats are listed here:

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