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Monster Sprites




Log Head

Due to the efforts of Saphy and Len to improve Crush's already amazing Woodland set, Rotonen suggested that the Log Head monster be remade to match the changes. I've remade the Log Head to include two different attack animations, including an acorn spit and the classic root whip.

Monster-logmonster.png Finished Set: Forum Thread




The Skeleton base sprite sheet is a monster sprite that conforms semi-flush to the Male player base sheet. This allows for easier development of variations in the skeleton mobs and equipment sharing between both sheets. The skull for the skeleton is borrowed from Modanung's skull monster sheet, and is exactly 1 pixel more narrow on three sides than the Male Player base sheet, so some helmets will require the artist to make modifications to the helmet before piecing together a variation.



A recolorable snail using several different dye channels. Dye Channels: W,R,Y,G,C,B One day I will go back and fix some things I now hate about this.





The squirrel is intended to be a low level monster in line with the maggot for new players, and This was originally done as a joke... one day I will redo it.

Monster-squirrel.png Finished Set:

Forum Thread


Monster-zombie.png The first sprite I made for this game... at the time I was unsure of the art style since it was all over the place. This is one that I'd like to go back and do a fresh version of. Finished Set:

Forum Thread


These are things I started as a joke or for fun



What is a 2D RPG without some chikens? Exactly!

Fother-chicken.png I think Evol Online used the chicks and added other directional frames for it.


This ended up moving to the docks tileset... could be it's own sprite one day.

Drunken Polish Sausage Witch

This was done completely out of love as an inside joke, but now I want to make it a boss fight.



I had started a froad sprite for the never published bee keeper quest.


Forum Thread

Ghost (Generic)

A generic ghost sprite with multiple dye channels Dye Channels: R|C|W


Giant Fly

Giant Fly I was working on... wasn't going to post it, until I saw a forum post talking about what Giant Maggots turn into... so it forced my hand. (This animation is from a dye test) I plan on finishing this sometime (just like everything else!)



The development of this will be dependent on the skeleton's development.

Potted Flowers (Boss Flower)

Spider Boss

It's huge, deadly, and still just a base framework!

Example-spiderboss.gif This ended up becoming the smaller replacement for the spider

Cactus Monster

Desert equivelent of the log head.



She's what the logheads used to be part of befor Jack liberated them from their mother's branches... still a concept...


Snake Lord

This is a project for Kage_Jittai. This is a half human-half snake boss. Kage was fussy about it's movements... so I abandoned it.

Rotted Log

Rotted undead version of the log monster. Some mysterious creature has made the empty log it's home! I will likely redo this with a larger member of the Log Head (such as using whatever log head boss/tree that will come next as a base for this undead version).