User:Frost/Bone Knife Quest

Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald
Level 40
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once
Reward 1 Bone Knife (+115 Damage)
Cost 1 Beer, 10 Black Scorpion Stingers, 10 Small Mushrooms

There's an old adventurer named KFahr in the bar in Hurnscald. Buy him a drink and listen to his stories. If you're high enough level, he'll ask you to do a quest for him. When you're successful, he'll give you his Bone Knife.

What To Do:

  1. <spoiler> To get to the bar, go west from the tree in Hurnscald, and enter the first building there. Head to the east, and you will see Kfahr there.</spoiler>
  2. <spoiler> Give Kfahr a beer, and listen to his first story. Then ask him to show you evidence of these bones.
  3. Click off him, and click back on.</spoiler>
  4. <spoiler> Give him the Black Scorpion Stingers and the Small Mushrooms.</spoiler>
  5. Enjoy your new Bone Knife!

<spoiler>Black Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:

  • Black Scorpion (8%)

Small Mushrooms are dropped by:

  • Evil Mushroom (5%)</spoiler>


  • 1 Bone Knife (+115 Damage)
  • 50,000 EXP

Total Cost

<spoiler>* 1 Beer

  • 10 Black Scorpion Stingers
  • 10 Small Mushrooms</spoiler>