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my name is Mike (in game/irc/discord: jak1),

there are some possible reasons why ur reading this
1. you just clicked any links (i know ppl do that XD)
2. You want to stalk me, but... i know its not worth it :P
3. you got a hint/link
whatever, you are welcome to sneak around,
give me some notes in UserTalk or help me working out some things,
there is also a Guestbook down the page, feel free to write if u can. :)


My characters
Name Gender Lvl Party Guild
jak1 m ~95 Wanted Crew of Red Corsair
Cassi f ~62 Celestia's Tea Party Crew of Red Corsair
N0Where m ~87 Healer's Union Crew of Red Corsair
noob-ody m ~40

Wiki stuff



I have a Testserver running, if u want to try out somethings, you are welcome to test.
i write that in bold, cause it's possible, all your stuff, quests, or even you whole account is wiped the next day.
its also possible, that some updates may are broken, some stuff is without any function, or your client is not compatible with the current server version.
!! dont use the same login/password on different servers !!

if u are ok with that:

Host: if you need GMlvl, ask me for it in irc or ingame
non-tmwa: gm60
tmwa: gm80
Port: 9601
Type: evol2

(in case u have the same problem that spoilers break, press f5)


in case you know how to use git, have some knowledge in c/c++/sdl and want to contribute to a clone of manaplus, pm me!


Jak1 is a very cool guy. He is the founder of German TMW, and also a TMW Developer.

--Jesusalva (talk) 22:42, 30 May 2020 (UTC)

!Ahh Jak1 .... ;)

--Hocus 21:40, 02 December 2327 (Future)