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| style="background:#eefaff;" | English
| style="background:#eefaff;" | English
| style="background:#eefaff;" | UTC+01:00
| style="background:#eefaff;" | UTC+01:00
| style="background:#eefaff;" | [[User:Alexanderlime|Alexanderlime]]
| style="background:#eefaff;" | alexanderlime
| style="background:#eefaff;" | Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)
| style="background:#eefaff;" | English
| style="background:#eefaff;" | UTC+08:00

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  • TMW Translators help Dev, Admins, GMs & Players communicate across the various language barriers.

How-to Become a Translator

  • Create a wiki account
  • Enter you information in a new row Here
  • Done.

Translation Work

  • In-game to help Player to Player (trade, talk, guild, etc.)
  • In-game to help GM to Player
  • Wiki pages
  • Forum posts
  • Client Data Translations
  • Social Media Posts

Using Translators

  • PM or Whisper the player; The language from->to & text.
  • Please be patient.
  • Please stop bugging them if they say stop.
  • This is a service people offer voluntarily, DON'T ABUSE IT.

List of Translators

Forum Name In-Game Character Names Primary Languages Secondary Languages imezone
mas886 Octer Catalan (Català) and Spanish (Español) English UTC+01:00
Cassy Cassy or Biqcassy German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
Phinix Phinix German (Deutsch) English UTC+01:00
nelson6e65 nelson6e65 and 5 more Spanish (Español) English UTC-04:30
Susy Kyta Italian (Italiano) English UTC+01:00
Altus Institute AARMB French (Français) English UTC+01:00
Alexanderlime alexanderlime Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) English UTC+08:00