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Biqcassy, my first character.
Username: Cassy
Real name: Cassandra
Location: Germany
Languages: German, English
Roles: Player, Developer, TMWC member, wiki and forum administration, Tester, Translator
Guild: Phoenix Council and Manas Sauerkrauts Clan (German)

I started as a normal player in March 2013 when the starting area was still in Tulimshar and you needed help, which I luckily received from Arkhen and Itachi (Kazenawa), to find Hurnscald and to get the 1,500 GP you had to pay for the ferry to travel there. My first character was Biqcassy (it's not "Big" with "G", I'm not big <.< ) because the character name Cassy was already in use but now Cassy is me.

I soon became interested in contributing to TMW even though I really didn't know anything when I started. It all started with wiki contribution but also with my first tries to do some pixel art. Eventually I was more and more involved into development and also learned scripting and mapping. I was also asked to join the TMWC and care about other duties such as wiki and forum administration. Of course I gladly accepted.

I'm having real fun helping TMW to develop and as a developer my biggest strenght isn't technical stuff anyway but organization and communication. I feel very well in my positions and am glad I got those offered :-) Of course feel free to contact me in game or through forum PMs if you have any questions that lie within my area of responsibility.

As you can see you don't need to be a "Pixel-Picasso" or a "Code Roboter" to develop, you can learn step by step and it's really not that hard... and most important: it's real fun! So feel free to join ;-)

Cassy (talk) 12:33, 4 March 2015 (UTC)


Character Role, class, magic path,
Guild and Party
Main, Speedarcher, dark path,
Phoenix Council, ~Shoes and Wrenches~
Main, Tank Mage, light path,
Manas Sauerkrauts Clan, ☺
Main, Speedarcher, light path,
Phoenix Council, Nemuri no Mori
Alt, Archer, no path yet
no guild, no party
Alt, Archer, no path yet
Manas Sauerkrauts Clan, no party
Alt, Mage, no path yet
no guild, no party
Alt, Warrior, no path yet
no guild, no party
Alt, Warrior, no path yet
no guild, no party
Boutique C&A
Alt, Shop, no path yet
no guild, no party

Personal development overview

If you are interested in what I'm working at and what I've already done, you can have a look at following links:

  • Cassy's personal project overview: This Trello board and this wiki page (the part below) give a good overview of finished projects and those in progress.
  • Dev stuff to-do: A card with notes about development-related things I want to work on.
  • Wiki stuff to-do: A card with notes about wiki-related things I want to work on.
  • Priorities: With all those open points it's always better to keep on overview of the more important topics.

Note that those are my personal overviews. The official ones of TMW can be found here.

Also feel free to take a look at below overviews I'm actually keeping for myself:

= to-do | = in progress | = finished

Orum and Waric follow-up quest

Mob: Wicked Mushroom
Mob: Demonic Mouboo (incl. new antlers and smoke particle effect)

Area for level range ~60-80 (map 043-4)

Map: 043-4 (monster spawn areas)
Mobs: Balancing the stats for Trolls, Undead Trolls and Undead Witches

Yearly Quest Parua's Brother

Charm: Jack's Skeleton Charm

Christmas 2013

Mob: Christmas Mouboo

Witch Cult Quest

Weapon: Fairy Bow
Head: Troll Mask & Undead Troll Mask
Mob (Boss): Kalinoir
Particle effects: making aniblaze.png dyeable (by Chay), editting particle.xml files using aniblaze.png and creating flame-blue.particle.xml & flame-green.particle.xml for torches
New maps: 043-5 & 043-6
Map: 005-3 (adding new path, warps and particle effects, adjusting mob spawns)
Script: Troll Mask Guy (plus Debug NPC)
Scripts: Magical Torches in 043-4, 043-5 and 005-3
Script: Magical Torch in 043-6 (boss fight)
Script: Strange Stones in 005-3

Project: Lottery

Concept: Lucky Luiz & lottery prices
Concept: mini quest about Luiz' Daughter
Script: Lucky Luiz
Script: Luiz' Daughter
NPC: Lucky Luiz
NPC: Luiz' Daughter
Item: Lottery Ticket
Head: Wicked Mushroom Hat

None-project related contribution

Mob: Moonshroom
Weapon + ammo: Slingshot (by ChefChelios)
Item: Wicked Horn
Mob: Monique Dion's (Tinker Bell) Artemis maps (minor helping)
Video: Advertisting video for TMW and Manaplus
Item: Mental Potion (stalled)
Head: Moonshroom Hat (stalled)
Weapon: Kid Book (transformation into a Troll, item icon by Wombat)

Wiki contribution

I used to list all new pages I created here but the list got too long so I only mention a few rather interesting ones:

Evil Obelisk
Blue Slime
White Slime
Magic (complete rewrite)
Template:Magic shortcuts
Dev:Monster Design (complete rewrite)
User:Cassy/Witch Cult Quest (in development)
Quests (complete rewrite)
Troll Cave
Gemstone Ring family:
Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst
Gemstone Powder family:
Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst
Rauk The Alchemist (complete rewrite)
Magic Quests (complete rewrite)
User:Cassy/Lottery Booth (in development)
Improving the wiki's infrastructure:
Rearranging important links:
Main Page (rearranging)
MediaWiki:Sidebar (rearranging)
Stoneboard global announcements & important links
User:Cassy/Wiki Home
Rearranging Special:Categories
Rearranging Templates
All contribution